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   07/24 20:11  gems:   29 years old
   07/24 20:11  gems:   no partying, just a *censored*ing fluke     hug the people you love..treasure your moments foLLks
   07/24 20:11  gems:          to aLL   life is short, lost a pal outta the blue yesterday to a heart attack
   07/24 20:07  hellopeople:   ... of the White Album, that is. Japanese Red Wax is #2.
   07/24 20:07  hellopeople:   Dr. Ebbett's German White Vinyl Stereo Direct Metal Mastering LP is the favorite of 8 digital versions.
   07/24 19:36  meanmrkite:   it's my "when the number in front changes" bday present to myself  
   07/24 19:36  meanmrkite:   thanks, jerrylives2000, but now it's just one of several vinyl WA's I have...i make it a point to buy a new vinyl copy every decade in fact  
   07/24 19:21  jerrylives2000:   meanmrkite: you should try the woodglue trick on the white album
   07/24 19:10  owsleyiii:    Happy Birthday lap!  wish grate joy to you on this day
   07/24 19:04  meanmrkite:   still have it, but now it sounds like The Beatles playing next to a campfire eating Rice Krispies while cooking bacon  
   07/24 19:03  meanmrkite:   the WA was the very first lp I bought in my life, at 9 years old
   07/24 19:00  meanmrkite:   and an import White Album!  
   07/24 18:59  meanmrkite:   outstanding, laptaper...luv me them vinyl's...
   07/24 18:59  indydarkstar:   nice gifts indeed
   07/24 18:59  laptaper:   Puttin' that vinyl GD on the radio first thing next Saturday:
   07/24 18:58  laptaper:   50 no longer sux
   07/24 18:58  laptaper:   AMERICAN BEAUTY
   07/24 18:56  laptaper:   And
   07/24 18:56  laptaper:   The Beatles (import)
   07/24 18:56  laptaper:   Let it Be
   07/24 18:56  laptaper:   Catch a Fire
   07/24 18:56  laptaper:   Family's over here right now for my birthday.  Gave me a small record player and four albums.
   07/24 18:51  meanmrkite:     yay KEO
   07/24 18:50  meanmrkite:   (just catching up on my Shouts...)
   07/24 18:49  meanmrkite:   KEEP ON DMT AND RESEARCH CALM!!  
   07/24 17:46  JerryRocks:   "nothing remains but the song of the hours, I hope you can dig it I know that you will..."  
   07/24 17:14  keo72467:   Enjoy your day folks, hug a loved one, life is way too short!
   07/24 17:14  keo72467:   secured a few more master GD tapes from the late 90's from the Fitzy collection as well
   07/24 17:13  keo72467:   and Gubbulidus. Hanging with some old friends, mets some new ones.....
   07/24 17:12  johanfex:   
   07/24 17:10  keo72467:    Yes sir, Melvin + JGB, Acoustically Speaking (Members Of The Garcia project, a local band and a member here too)
   07/24 17:06  owsleyiii:   Good Morning to aLL stay cool and have a grate/great day
   07/24 17:05  owsleyiii:   hope the day continues to unfold as did your night -- full of friends and live music  
   07/24 17:04  owsleyiii:    Happy Birthday keo!
   07/24 17:04  owsleyiii:      whatta way to start yer day!  
   07/24 16:59  keo72467:   Spent the night into the early am hours with some friends seeing/recording live music!
   07/24 16:58  keo72467:   Thanks gents  
   07/24 16:50  JerryRocks:   Happy Birthday Keo!  
   07/24 16:30  indydarkstar:         happy day keo,thanks for aLL you do  
   07/24 16:16  norm:   shout out for Keo, Bday today........  
   07/24 15:23  JerryRocks:   How about a Robert Hunter picture to celebrate his being in good health and playing for the love of the music and not out of necessity?  
   07/24 15:22  JerryRocks:   "...nothing remains but the song of the hours I hope you can dig it I know that you will..."  
   07/24 13:38  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers
   07/24 08:12  wharfratjoe:   working on brothers gow, this h4n aud recording the band did has now been expanded!  
   07/24 06:46  thebigwoods:   @spinneresque :      
   07/24 05:08  gyro:   Is it Friday yet? Nope, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel...    
   07/24 05:03  Jubal_H_Seamons:   KEEP CALM AND RESEARCH DMT  
   07/24 02:57  JerryRocks:   Many thanks to Dan, Kevin and Carl!    
   07/24 02:42  frazer:   @ Tom_in_SFCA , a PM for you..  
   07/24 02:21  wharfratjoe:   what i missed msingal? hi lindsay!

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