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   07/24 11:46  G-squared:   night norm.
   07/24 11:45  norm:   nite Leggers
   07/24 10:43  humboldt1:   box of cleanex, a synergy kombucha , some throat spray, and a fiji water for mayers rider on the stack
   07/24 10:39  humboldt1:   chimenti has a sweet setup with the travel yamaha baby grand
   07/24 10:35  frazer:   G-squared: Eyes opener, w/a [very good!] jam into Speedway...
   07/24 10:22  humboldt1:   the bass solo was legit too
   07/24 10:21  humboldt1:   although we all know im pretty partial to the nelsonbands cumberland
   07/24 10:20  humboldt1:   i dig the no pick fingerpicking on new speedway into cumberland
   07/24 10:11  G-squared:   where we at in the set?
   07/24 10:10  G-squared:   oh sweet. thank you...new speedway!
   07/24 10:08  norm:   use the one I posted below
   07/24 10:01  G-squared:   hey now...can i get a link? {finger in the air}
   07/24 09:47  norm:   here we go
   07/24 09:36  humboldt1:   i had to refresh stll setbreak though
   07/24 09:27  frazer:    great stream, & grate 1st set!!!
   07/24 09:26  humboldt1:   everyone here super gold stars as always   clap
   07/24 09:25  norm:   @ walstib68 many many thanks
   07/24 09:08  jsullivan:   walstib68 is the one who deserves...many thanks!
   07/24 08:59  norm:   jsullivan gave me link, all thanks to him
   07/24 08:55  humboldt1:   thanks norm. @gmurray dont miss trying to sleep in the jersey summer swelters,
   07/24 08:46  Charlie Miller:   Very slow upload speeds here
   07/24 08:37  Charlie Miller:   I'm at phish in Chula Vista  took a 4K video with iPhone will post
   07/24 07:53  frazer:    Touch...& GO!  
   07/24 07:53  norm:   touch opener
   07/24 07:51  norm:   starts now
   07/24 07:47  norm:   looks like it works enjoy
   07/24 07:45  norm:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3JYLPebtGE&feature=youtu.be     link may not work pm me
   07/24 07:42  cherone999:   Show underway yet?
   07/24 07:41  toastdoob:   bright or tight?
   07/24 07:32  Jubal_H_Seamons:   7/23/90
   07/24 07:26  Jubal_H_Seamons:   Never trust a woman who wears a pantsuit too bright.
   07/24 07:12  toastdoob:   I can't get the water back in me as fast as it comes out
   07/24 07:11  toastdoob:   95 and 50% here today ~ I have to work in the heat tomorrow for 7 hours ~ hope I don't end up in the hospital
   07/24 07:07  norm:   anybody know if Jamie got power back today to his hood
   07/24 07:06  jerrylives2000:   it hit 100 here at my house today with %82 humidity, Very uncomfortable
   07/24 06:56  gmurray618:   Then along came a thunderstorm and the Temp dropped about 15 degrees
   07/24 06:55  gmurray618:   And not the kind Phill was looking for during AxomoxA  
   07/24 06:54  gmurray618:   It was in the high 90s today in S. Jersey with Thick Air
   07/24 06:36  candymanfloyd:   100 degrees? Sounds like u r down South.
   07/24 06:29  wharfratjoe:   its over 100 degress, ugh
   07/24 06:29  wharfratjoe:   
   07/24 06:26  frazer:    thx joe, hear u later..have fun  
   07/24 06:25  wharfratjoe:   anyway time for some GD Tribute tonight...ttyl
   07/24 06:24  wharfratjoe:   this friggin nat issue is pissing me off, nothing has changed. oh wait maybe i am a newbie at this stuff, yeah thats it    
   07/24 06:24  wharfratjoe:   planning on recording Irvine D&C
   07/24 06:20  frazer:   http://livedead.co/?utm_medium=www&utm_source=deadandcompany.com Candymanfloyd's earlier link [& thx 4 sharing yr interesting observations]
   07/24 06:20  wharfratjoe:   no i dont think they would have gone with Trey at all. They asked Mike Gordon to play Bass but he couldnt
   07/24 06:05  frazer:   be a copyist in any way.. Very good player & performer, I thought, & I'll be watching/listening to him again tonight very closely if we get a stream
   07/24 06:02  frazer:   Still, it's good to see JM getting an outing..& I was impressed by him last night. You could really tell he was just being himself, and not trying to
   07/24 05:59  frazer:   had Phish not been touring also, that D&C would've gone with Trey again. ?

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