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   10/29 03:43  norm:   I just rebuilt my old xp desktop, many drives have not been used for a log time, time to fnd everything
   10/29 03:40  toastdoob:   I just Cathy'ed my system drive looking for my W10 ISOs ~ I think they're on the W10 upgraded PC that's in the corner...
   10/29 03:38  toastdoob:   you're welcome  
   10/29 03:33  norm:   thanks
   10/29 03:32  Drybonz:   Thanks goother... I went to that show by myself that night and can't remember much about it.
   10/29 03:31  gems:   from toastdoob
   10/29 03:31  gems:   https://www.dropbox.com/s/0nzmmamry30es72/Cathy2313.zip?dl=0
   10/29 03:30  norm:   called
   10/29 03:30  norm:   can someone post the link to cathy HD file lister, or whatever it's callerd
   10/29 03:08  gems:   "Like it or not, you are in this alone and have to follow your own star.â - Zim
   10/29 03:02  johanfex:   http://tinyurl.com/zv6bcmn
   10/29 02:52  wharfratjoe:   i am not one to take in the whole vegas experience. i go do wtf i have to and then leave and keep my money in my pocket  
   10/29 02:51  wharfratjoe:   i will probablyt be too tire to venture out other then to shows, brining a ice chest and food
   10/29 02:38  gems:   10 6 81 in the speakers and a smile on my face...   what is your friday doin out there aLL?
   10/29 02:37  gems:   Gorilla Glue#4 oil in the vape pen, some ethiopian dark roast and organizing an archive drive this fine afternoon
   10/29 01:19  Shacklyn6:   wetransfer
   10/29 01:17  indydarkstar:   
   10/29 01:04  laptaper:   Come 'n' gEEEEEEEEEEEEEEt iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
   10/29 01:03  laptaper:   Jim Lauderdal 10/7/16 at the Festy now up on LMA. See "Recent uploads to archive.org" thread for details.
   10/29 00:10  indydarkstar:   
   10/28 23:51  gems:   in case i was wondering what to do with my free time...  and tween us wink, there is JGB betas too...
   10/28 23:34  henry:   395 betas? betamania > beatlemania!
   10/28 22:32  gems:   and food buffets to your hearts content...enjoy a surf and turf for me
   10/28 22:31  wharfratjoe:   Electric Beethoven too. Greensky before phish and twiddle after phosh on monday if i am not too tired  
   10/28 22:28  wharfratjoe:   its almost time for me to do some VEGAS PHISHIN'!!!  
   10/28 22:28  wharfratjoe:   morning aLL!
   10/28 22:26  gems:                                                                                                     
   10/28 22:25  lostmyradio:                             
   10/28 22:24  lostmyradio:   http://www.shnflac.net/images/smilies/jockomo.gif                           jockomo.gif
   10/28 22:22  gems:   acetboy bear bomb...hadda be done          
   10/28 22:20  gems:   and thats just GD beta, havent gone near the JGB betas YET, or the Grateful DAT Harvest, oh my...
   10/28 22:20  gems:   since June Stucco transferred 395 beta PCM tapes.  we've released 24    EternaLLy grateful and busy for years Now
   10/28 21:28  gems:   gotta make some money buy some brand new shoes, gotta make some money take away these blues
   10/28 21:20  stuccoholmes:   Go Gems Go...
   10/28 20:32  gems:   Yes sir, 2 weeks of work straight. One more day.. One more day.  
   10/28 18:50  toastdoob:   TGIF
   10/28 18:33  Rob Berger:   gonna be so empty again that they're gonna invite Mr. Railing down to the orchestra - say no Mr. Railing
   10/28 18:16  seaweed1010:   Steely Dan to play Countdown to Ecstasy for the first time tonight at the Beacon
   10/28 17:58  headwest:   DP 20, Received tracking info yesterday that it should be in NW WI by Monday..Guess they were prepared this time
   10/28 17:58  budz4ticketz:   
   10/28 17:58  budz4ticketz:   Thanks everyone for the Suggestions! I'll find something...
   10/28 17:35  goother:   I'll poke around with my cleve peeps and see if we can scare up a copy. A very cold march night in Akron
   10/28 17:34  goother:   mornin', @drybonz, db.etree error,lists 3.23,is really 3.28.I thought I had it,was at that show so would love a copy myself
   10/28 17:29  owsleyiii:   have a grate/great day!
   10/28 17:28  owsleyiii:   Good Morning and fahrvergnugen to aLL!
   10/28 10:34  Drybonz:   Oh, that's 3-28 NY... can't seem to find that 3-23 Akron.  Must not be out there.
   10/28 10:34  lostmyradio:   stuccoholmes u ever see grunion on ob orsc
   10/28 10:31  lostmyradio:   The Catalyst UCSC Board Walk Board Walk
   10/28 10:31  Drybonz:   Thank you.
   10/28 10:26  stuccoholmes:   The stars are all connected to the brain...

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