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   09/02 15:47  indydarkstar:   
   09/02 15:46  US Blues:   2 September: 1966; 1967; 1968; 1978          
   09/02 15:37  indydarkstar:   good morning LL'ers    9-2-80...might as well  
   09/02 15:16  bhndblueeyes:   Good morning aLL!  
   09/02 15:10  Brad125:   I just wrote 9-2-80 on a work document... left there it too.  
   09/02 14:28  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers
   09/02 05:13  lesinsd:   Best brunch in the Bay Area is at Terrapin Crossroads.......ymmv      
   09/02 05:08  gonearethedays:   Thanks Yasloch!
   09/02 03:50  Yasloch:   offhand, the breakfast I had not long ago at Honey, Honey, is still very fresh in my mind. A+
   09/02 03:39  gonearethedays:   Going to see a foodie friend in SF at HardlyStrictly  anyone got recs on great eats?
   09/02 00:40  toastdoob:   very muddy and hard to handle...
   09/02 00:39  toastdoob:   all the other GRIN shows sound like
   09/01 23:14  wharfratjoe:   maybe i should just grab it from BCE
   09/01 23:14  wharfratjoe:   does anyone have the garcia 76 project on etree they can help seed. i an trying to download it but it is pretty slow atm, 69% done
   09/01 23:08  indydarkstar:   I dont think they are allowed from what I see
   09/01 23:07  indydarkstar:   https://archive.org/audio/etree-band-showall.php
   09/01 23:06  sweet_music_maker:   Thanks indy will continue looking...
   09/01 23:05  indydarkstar:   somewhere at LMA is a list of allowed bands,I wouldnt have a clue how to find it with new format
   09/01 22:50  sweet_music_maker:   Can not find CRB on archive,,,is he listed under something else or non-uploaded to archive?
   09/01 21:53  varitek:   I'm intrigued BlingFree , are we talking High n Dry / Pyromania era Def Leppard?
   09/01 21:36  shulls:   Will do, toastdoob!  
   09/01 21:17  BlingFree:   While I know Def LePPard isn't reaLLy LL's thing... I'm releasing all the masters here first.
   09/01 20:53  toastdoob:   you can hold up a big Notehead when you cross!
   09/01 20:52  toastdoob:   let us know when you go so we can watch http://www.abbeyroad.com/Crossing
   09/01 20:51  shulls:   Got oyster cards for transport, and we will be in walking distance of lots of places.
   09/01 20:50  shulls:   Abbey Road, Stonehenge, Sherlock Holmes museum, and loads of other places. Staying near Waterloo Station.
   09/01 20:49  shulls:   Also planning to visit Abbey
   09/01 20:48  shulls:   Thanks for the London suggestions everyone. We got oyster cards, and intend to use the public transport. Some museums are in order.
   09/01 19:12  sunshinedavedream:   Ask a taxi to take you to the Star Pub in Belgravia...that's where The Great Train Robbery was planned...the beer is pretty good too
   09/01 19:01  luminarist:   I see what you did there              
   09/01 17:53  US Blues:   You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Crim  
   09/01 17:08  seremetcc:   Check to see where the Mighty Crim is playing....
   09/01 17:08  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers
   09/01 17:07  luminarist:   I meant Public  
   09/01 17:07  luminarist:   also recommend getting an Oyster card for easy mobility. Punlic transport in London is Great
   09/01 17:06  luminarist:   Loads of free museums and such shulls. Make sure you check out the Museum of Natural History and Victoria Albert
   09/01 15:33  walstib68:           ....and that's not my recomendation.  
   09/01 15:07  shulls:   Good morning aLL. Off to London, UK on Friday. Any recommendations, anyone?
   09/01 14:54  bhndblueeyes:   Good morning aLL  
   09/01 14:54  indydarkstar:   good morning LL'ers
   09/01 14:47  US Blues:   1 Sept: 1969; 1979      Happy September Friends- summer flew and August died.    
   09/01 14:28  seremetcc:   Or maybe the end, not the side.
   09/01 14:28  seremetcc:   Was disappointed to go in several years ago to see that they modified the inside. Always loved the stage being inset into the side.
   09/01 14:27  seremetcc:   Ah, the old Rochacha War Memeroial. A great place to see shows!
   09/01 13:14  candymanfloyd:   War Memorial Auditorium - Rochester, NY  
   09/01 05:55  heysteve:   just recently saw Brothers Comatose, again.  fun stuff
   09/01 05:33  greendude:   
   09/01 05:14  Rob Berger:   Matt Smith does some top notch transfers for sure
   09/01 04:14  deadtrail:   Lovin' much at the moment He's Gone from 10/19/74, the most excellent Boswell-Smith "Garcia reels" source
   09/01 03:08  deadrat:   love it wow

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