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   07/01 11:38  jmitchell:   lots of DNC sources...but I have only looked through the JGB and 1995 Dead
   07/01 11:38  jmitchell:   going through and getting them organized now, mostly dead and dead family stuff
   07/01 11:37  jmitchell:   not sure if this is good news or not, got a few boxes of dats not too long ago
   07/01 08:49  humboldt1:   they did an all in the family"those were the days" jam into a floyd run like hell jam was pretty cool
   07/01 08:47  humboldt1:   im watching bummy and the giants listening to panic second set about to begin
   07/01 08:37  walstib68:   tnx! toastdoob
   07/01 08:37  walstib68:   @pat8track....I cant find any recordings so far....but now ya got me searching!   If I find 1 Ill PM ya
   07/01 08:33  toastdoob:   I'm not a Ratdog admin so you will have to wait for approval if you want to add FFPs
   07/01 08:31  toastdoob:   using your linked information, I added the show to db.etree.org ~ someone else wiLL have to upload checksums
   07/01 08:31  walstib68:   Live JRAD stream>>http://www.kvmr.org/player/
   07/01 08:22  toastdoob:   Sorry, not indexed in Cathy...
   07/01 08:19  walstib68:   http://ratdog.org/1995-08-25
   07/01 08:16  walstib68:   8/25/1995
   07/01 08:11  toastdoob:   gimme a complete date to check
   07/01 08:11  toastdoob:   I don't see it listed in the db http://db.etree.org/db/shows/browse/artist_key/90/year/1995
   07/01 07:52  pat8track:   i've never been able tofind ratdog at the tower, philly 95 right after jerry passed, would LOVE to hear it again, R.I.P. ROB
   07/01 07:22  toastdoob:   Orioles at Seattle ~ game on now
   07/01 07:04  humboldt1:   panic starting. i'm right in front of the soundboard like all their other streams
   07/01 07:00  walstib68:   Delfest days 2 & 3 at etree  
   07/01 04:17  johanfex:   @ gems : dynamic range meter ..be sur to get the updated version .. google it , it's for foobar  
   07/01 03:42  humboldt1:   bummer on wasserman.  panic on mixlr at 630
   07/01 03:40  gems:   
   07/01 03:33  arfarf:   @gems: PM your way
   07/01 03:18  wharfratjoe:   benderman11 uplaoded a lot of huck finn to etree if needed. i didnt grab any yet...
   07/01 03:14  wharfratjoe:   2017 i mean..lol
   07/01 03:14  wharfratjoe:   1st time recording a bluegrass band and a setup like this , need more of them and yeah huck finn is on my radar for june 17
   07/01 03:12  wharfratjoe:   https://archive.org/details/mc2016-06-04.mbho440.bsc1k11.sbd.flac1648
   07/01 03:12  wharfratjoe:   if y'all havent downloaded the bluegrass show i recorded, its pretty nice, its lma too  
   07/01 03:09  gems:   http://www.shnflac.net/details.php?id=520d79c88eb82a24815bd36ebfcf54445094688c  @UBBlues yer right, and i missed this
   07/01 03:03  gems:   this afternoons was Ghost OG with Strawberry Tahoe OG Crumble bowl topper..enough ths to sit a pirate down
   07/01 02:50  walstib68:   meh.....thats chump-change!    If only it were!  
   07/01 02:44  gems:   if we had  5 grand the algorithmix lugings for noise free and kstereo would go a long way in GD remastering tasks
   07/01 02:38  gems:   only loads 16 44 in "off line version" but cool enough i think id buy it
   07/01 02:36  walstib68:   Thank ya!...Ima try that one too
   07/01 02:34  gems:   i have tons of real time meters as the music is playing, like SPAN and all wavelab stuff, but all file analysis is pretty neat ifo
   07/01 02:33  gems:   also found TT DR Offline Meter 1.4 from Algorithmix, for free..pretty neat, beta manias coming in at 13 and 14 DR over the shows
   07/01 02:32  gems:   hip, ty walstib
   07/01 02:31  walstib68:   @gems its a foobar plug-in...its here:http://tinyurl.com/hdcl44c
   07/01 02:24  gems:   strangers stopping strangers, just to shake their hands...everybody is playing, in the heart of gold band, heart of goLLd band
   07/01 02:20  tHepCat:   no problem dg - happy to flll any and all request you might have from that list also  
   07/01 02:14  gems:   johanfex, sometime you use a program that reads RMS dynamic range etc...what is the name of it?
   07/01 02:11  johanfex:       
   07/01 01:35  indydarkstar:   ace IMO was just a GD record under bobs name
   07/01 01:30  johanfex:   a new  28th up at etree ............ Taper: Keith Antaya
   07/01 01:27  gems:   wasserrman, willie dixon, garcia, chris whitley, aLL on trios, all no longer with us in this realm
   07/01 01:24  gems:   lest we not forget how goshndarn cool Trios Album is...   that Blew me away when it came out
   07/01 01:24  indydarkstar:   evening mood is pure bob (and rob)
   07/01 01:23  indydarkstar:   me too,to my ears most of bobs solo efforts have been in line with GD releases of the period
   07/01 01:23  gems:   tune gets stuck in my head for days
   07/01 01:22  btartus:   have an original Print of Ace right here.

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