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   04/19 01:47  gyro:   Coop: Summer is almost here! I will actually be in the DC area for some weeks soon, mostly in May i think...
   04/19 01:46  gyro:   Larry: I may finagle a CRB ticket yet...    
   04/19 01:42  wharfratjoe:   i need a Chris Robinson Brotherhood ticket for belly-up  
   04/19 00:52  edogg:   amazing coopertown, thanks.
   04/19 00:38  coopertown:   G what`s up man i hope to visit soon i really need it
   04/19 00:37  larry28409:   thx Gyro,  i am so looking forward to it, a small club in wilmington nc  
   04/19 00:34  gyro:   I didnt get Chris Robinson Brotherhood tix for Terrapin; have fun Larry!    
   04/19 00:33  indydarkstar:   and thank you gsarchivist too  
   04/19 00:32  indydarkstar:   go gems go  
   04/19 00:30  coopertown:   check out the album
   04/19 00:28  coopertown:   if you have FB you can check this page devoted to 11/7/79    http://tinyurl.com/l7smswo
   04/19 00:23  arfarf:   Let me blurt out that the Brewers have the best record in MLB, may be years b4 I can say that again
   04/19 00:21  larry28409:   will Neal have the Wolf with him?   Inquiring minds wanna know
   04/19 00:20  larry28409:   going to see Chris Robinson Brotherhood tomorry night  
   04/19 00:20  gyro:   
   04/19 00:19  arfarf:   
   04/19 00:17  gems:   5 16 and 5 17 78 auds are 'done' and to 1644. getting there
   04/19 00:15  gems:   it didnt and only because of GSARCHIVIST will these be proper, eternally grateful
   04/19 00:14  gems:   so, good news listening to first transfers from masonsnak550 now that it works to spec
   04/19 00:11  gyro:   I saw about a dozen 1979 shows...  didnt know coop until much later tho... lol...
   04/19 00:11  edogg:   was that bob/stevie a double-bill?
   04/19 00:10  edogg:   wow coopertown. i had just turned 4 and you were seeing bob, stevie and the dead  
   04/19 00:09  arfarf:   http://tinyurl.com/m5vopov
   04/19 00:08  arfarf:   make that Jambands, link2follow
   04/19 00:08  coopertown:   i even saw Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder on 11/7 inbetween Dead shows it`s just unreal now to think i saw all that great music in 1 wk
   04/19 00:07  arfarf:   Ratdog summer tour dates up at Jambase,  
   04/19 00:03  coopertown:   sorry about going postal on Healy the other day  
   04/19 00:00  coopertown:   jeez you guys are bringing back great memories i was at all those 1979 shows except 11/9
   04/18 23:00  joe_mac:   have a good weekend thanks to anyone who seeded the ridiculous amount of matrix recordings i have queued
   04/18 20:59  MrHat102:   Thanks Seweed!
   04/18 20:47  seaweed1010:   Hats off to Mr Hat. Love the Jerry pic each time I see it.
   04/18 20:44  joe_mac:   anybody go to the phil show last saturday at the cap? it was awesome! i love the duo playing dead
   04/18 20:26  joe_mac:   it's also possible we know each other since my nickname i use on sites like these is my actual name lol
   04/18 20:26  joe_mac:   my pleasure ajg- and funny you say go bruins i am from boston area lol
   04/18 20:07  meanmrkite:   and no, that '1974' reference in my previous shout is NOT a typo...although it may be blasphemous!  
   04/18 20:07  meanmrkite:   the opening Shakedown on 8/13 is truly Phil-tastic, the pre-Drumz jams on 8/12 is right up there with best of 1974!
   04/18 20:06  meanmrkite:   re '79, I'd be remiss in failing to note the sheer trippiness/jamminess/excellence of the 8/12 & 8/13 shows in CO
   04/18 19:59  wharfratjoe:   LMA - Vibe Vault is a cool mobile app for Droid
   04/18 19:57  wharfratjoe:   Tonight: Cubensis (covering GD El Monte) OR GrooveSession for some JAMMIN' Funk your face off ?
   04/18 19:26  ajg:   Go BRUINS!
   04/18 19:26  ajg:   thanks for the heads up on that etree app.  Excellent.
   04/18 18:36  hellopeople:   Yep, prefer an atmospheric AUD to a dry board. The recent Oade buzz is neat. Love their stuff.
   04/18 18:32  joe_mac:   epitomize the bad soundboard and reason people prefer auds
   04/18 18:32  joe_mac:   the boards from those runs actually kinda sound like turds anyways. lifeless. some
   04/18 18:22  hellopeople:   ... but I'm grateful for everything there is to fill in the gaps.
   04/18 18:21  hellopeople:   Thanks for that joe_mac. Those 1980 runs are indeed very spotty for boards...
   04/18 18:12  joe_mac:   check out 'etree mobile' app if oyu have an iphone, nice little frontend to the LMA
   04/18 18:12  joe_mac:   hellopeople- yea that FOB is alright... not exactly stellar. also- apparently the master of that was stolen
   04/18 18:10  hellopeople:   As always, LL is my social home, but LMA is always there as a spectacular resource.
   04/18 18:08  hellopeople:   Hello people and joe_mac! Joe, there's a good FOB AUD of 1980-09-30 on the Live Music Archive.

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