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   10/31 19:35  goother:   ha, I take it the tapes came macdoogle? Glad to help a brother out. happy jammin' everybody
   10/31 19:32  Jubal_H_Seamons:         
   10/31 19:24  wharfratjoe:   never did make it to a GD halloween show...
   10/31 19:21  macdoogle:   hats off to Goother for his contribution towards kindness    
   10/31 19:16  meanmrkite:   
   10/31 19:13  meanmrkite:   ahhhh...so much better!  better get busy at the ancient Mr. Coffee I've had since college daze...  i DO regularly clean it tho!  
   10/31 19:11  meanmrkite:   gyro!
   10/31 19:11  wharfratjoe:   working on my phish source from the phorum, hope y'all like it when its completed  
   10/31 19:10  meanmrkite:   so let's try it again, shaLL we?  
   10/31 19:10  meanmrkite:   i feel vindicated...i'm not just proud of that, i'm smug about it        
   10/31 19:09  meanmrkite:   THERE it is...the 'properties' of the non-bouncing notehead is WRONG wrong wrong    
   10/31 19:08  meanmrkite:   
   10/31 19:08  meanmrkite:   dang i hate screwing up the emoticons            
   10/31 19:07  meanmrkite:   gyro!   :nhsmiley: :nhsmiley:
   10/31 18:43  wharfratjoe:   Notehead!
   10/31 18:43  wharfratjoe:   i need to thank wharfratpat for letting me know about this site  
   10/31 18:42  wharfratjoe:   congrats gyro! I had my 9th here in july  
   10/31 18:36  gyro:   couple of days ago was my ninth year LL anniversary... whew...    
   10/31 18:11  Mydland_Years:   
   10/31 18:10  Mydland_Years:   He's the hairy handed gent  who ran amok in Kent , lately he' been overheard in Mayfair
   10/31 16:40  gems:   we are aLL freaks
   10/31 15:40  mega:   Happy Samhain? WOW! Fn weirdos
   10/31 14:24  US Blues:   Happy Samhain!              
   10/31 14:19  US Blues:   31 October: 1967; 1970; 1971; 1979; 1980; 1983; 1984- One More Halloween Night! ; 1985; 1990
   10/31 08:50  Amigo45:   
   10/31 08:48  Amigo45:   Morning,all!!
   10/31 06:03  sunshinedavedream:   Bruce Hornsby debuted a new Hunter/Hornsby song in Madison, Wi. tonight
   10/31 04:57  Rob Berger:   You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory  
   10/30 23:44  frazer:   @ mrkite .. all those recent X shows (+ some earlier recordings) are still seeded on Dime    
   10/30 20:58  bohareft:   many thanks to the "drive by" seeder of 10-30-83
   10/30 20:18  gyro:   The John Doe show from TRI was one of the better Bob sets...  nice vid...
   10/30 19:51  meanmrkite:   
   10/30 19:50  meanmrkite:   iow...SEMPRINI
   10/30 19:50  meanmrkite:   got on the horn to the 'Zon...replacement box due to arrive TODAY     taking a break from all else, will be listening to Zep lps 1-5
   10/30 19:49  meanmrkite:   got the new Zep box(es)...my copy of Houses Of The Holy came SANS the vinyl copy of orig album!!
   10/30 19:48  meanmrkite:   SEMPRINI
   10/30 19:48  meanmrkite:   @ frazer:  saw many X shows back in the day, from time of second LP (Year One is a favorite) thru the Dave Alvin era...missed recent tour w/Zoom tho
   10/30 18:21  Brad125:   ... needless to say I enjoy these A-Rod cluster-F*** years
   10/30 18:20  Brad125:   hahaha gems... Die hard Sox fan since 71 and aLL my family and most friends like Yanks.
   10/30 17:41  gems:   the Yankees are the only thing on earth i've disliked since before i was born.  a swear in my home
   10/30 17:36  Brad125:   ... uh - I mean resume...  
   10/30 17:35  Brad125:   Let the soap opera begin  
   10/30 17:34  Brad125:   World Series over means drama in NY as A-Rod is now back on the Yankee squad!                  
   10/30 17:08  gems:   aLLways a little sad today, no baseball untiLL College ball in February..3 months of waiting begins
   10/30 16:50  indydarkstar:   good morning LL'ers
   10/30 14:55  hulls:   Good morning aLL! Robin Trower tomorrow night at Penn's Peak. Can't wait!!
   10/30 14:44  Brad125:   Dave's Picks Volume 12 shipping confirmation... even better than the GIANTS !!!              
   10/30 14:43  Brad125:   NIce GIANTS!!!  
   10/30 14:30  US Blues:   30 October: 1971; 1973!!!!! (should be an official release); 1977        
   10/30 10:10  buncombe:   GIANTS!!!        

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