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   03/31 07:28  toastdoob:   there
   03/31 07:01  Pete ferguson :   Hi
   03/31 05:48  toastdoob:   Now that there are graduate seeds on the DVD, I'm back to pouring it on the other one until midnight...
   03/31 05:38  toastdoob:   $hrinking?
   03/31 05:37  toastdoob:   Everybody wants more of the aLLmighty shrinking doLLar!
   03/31 05:12  deadhead20:   $19.95 charge for show
   03/31 05:12  deadhead20:   Phil's NYE show from Capitol Theater is on Demand on Cablevision
   03/31 04:40  gems:     
   03/31 03:14  toastdoob:   I just stopped the other reseeds and aLL my bandwidth is going into the Clapton DVD.
   03/31 02:12  toastdoob:   Just watch the video I linked below. It's $665 cheaper!
   03/31 02:08  feelingextra:   
   03/31 02:07  seaweed1010:   For fun I tried for Clapton MSG bday tix - $665 a pair for row 1 upper level  
   03/31 01:49  JerryRocks:   Just haven't gotten to him yet. I have some Steve Earle to share.  
   03/31 01:06  gdry:   Im suprised to see no Steve Earle stuff here.... is he not allowed?
   03/31 00:25  toastdoob:   Clapton party continues with a DVD - 2 single layer disks Eric Clapton2001-10-06.The Ultimate Storm
   03/31 00:24  toastdoob:   http://shnflac.net/details.php?id=34124f459f72e1728d1e16857356b494c5a8c348
   03/30 23:56  toastdoob:   That don't come up when clicking Clapton
   03/30 23:55  toastdoob:   I found some more Clapton, including a DVD, that are listed by clicking Clapton's face.
   03/30 23:55  tensjed:   see also http://www.donleyauctions.com/
   03/30 23:54  tensjed:   https://www.proxibid.com/asp/Catalog.asp?aid=91369
   03/30 23:54  tensjed:   apparently a big gdead auction gonna happen which includes an old Bel Air the band used to use
   03/30 23:45  toastdoob:   There are 4 unseeded shows and I don't have any of them    How about Derek and the Dominoes?
   03/30 23:33  arfarf:   same list also displays shows that have stranded downloaders as well
   03/30 23:32  arfarf:   and folks should click on the Clapton icon to see a list of EC shows currently seeded
   03/30 23:29  arfarf:   and/or have a staffer bump them to attract attention, often shows in the "Reseeded..." thread do get bumped as well
   03/30 23:28  arfarf:   @toastdoob:  Yes - and thanks- you may wish to post these shows in the "Reseeded shows" thread...
   03/30 23:24  arfarf:   2 shows, one early afternoon and one at midnight, in case anyone has evening plans that date  
   03/30 23:20  arfarf:   http://tinyurl.com/qg38scp
   03/30 23:20  arfarf:   Kimock, Jackie Greene, Melvin Seals Jerry tribute shows, july 5, Chicago, link2follow
   03/30 23:19  toastdoob:   Should I try to find and reseed the next not as old EC torrent I can find? I grabbed the oldest ones first.
   03/30 23:15  meanmrkite:    gems
   03/30 23:15  meanmrkite:    gorrila glue
   03/30 22:59  wharfratjoe:    Gems!  nhbounce:
   03/30 21:21  waterman:   Tobacco was/still sometimes is a real bitch. been ten years since my last smoke and still feel it sometimes.
   03/30 20:42  hulls:   Congrats billtmcdee
   03/30 20:09  ld92287:   
   03/30 20:08  toastdoob:   I can do 18 years without tobacco, but gotta have my
   03/30 19:12  meanmrkite:       billtmcdee                
   03/30 18:45  billtmcdee:   Thanks everyone!! Clean and serene...
   03/30 18:17  frazer:   @ biLLtmcdee ... one year !!!  way to go  
   03/30 16:32  owsleyiii:   Good Morning and fahrvergnugen to aLL  congrats billtmcdee      have a grate/great day aLL
   03/30 15:50  pythagoras:   what does clean mean? no more geezin' here, but still a pothead!
   03/30 15:40  waterman:   Nice! Congratulations! Here's to year two!  
   03/30 15:40  varitek:   Right on billtmcdee  
   03/30 15:37  billtmcdee:   TODAY I AM ONE YEAR CLEAN!!!!                
   03/30 15:30  billtmcdee:   
   03/30 15:10  kevtobin:   3/30/90 video up to end a great run 25 years later
   03/30 15:06  US Blues:   30 March: 1968; 1973; 1990        
   03/30 09:00  toastdoob:   Eric is 70 years young today https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Clapton
   03/30 08:20  toastdoob:   The Eric Clapton BD party is at the link below with links to the other 6 reseeded torrents as a comment

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