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   12/08 08:09  lostmyradio:   listening to Gomorrah almost sounds like a mtx
   12/08 08:07  lostmyradio:   arf couldyouuse jg1984-08-07.135437.aud.tom.flac16  
   12/08 07:08  arfarf:   no four count 'em 4 collectors - multi-tasking aka multi-sporking for me
   12/08 07:08  arfarf:   $ collectors
   12/08 07:01  arfarf:   I only see for collectors at db.etree
   12/08 06:58  arfarf:   Check your drives if you have the time, it would really help me out - this may be unobtainium
   12/08 06:55  arfarf:   jg1984-06-03 shnid.108054 has never been upped here
   12/08 06:54  arfarf:   It also has the Hunter opening set on it - this is what I really need to listen to
   12/08 06:54  arfarf:   I've hit a roadblock on some research, and really need Garcia & Kahn 1984-06-03 shnid.108054 only
   12/08 05:41  indydarkstar:   + 1,000,000 on the thanks to rob for everything he has shared  
   12/08 05:25  eddiegeeeee:     Rob Berger     April Fools 1976 show is up next on the JGB '76 run!
   12/08 05:07  indydarkstar:    soylent green is built out of people too  
   12/08 05:05  kingmike81:   CM flood?!!!....no kidding! WoW...  didn't have the boston 9.28.93, thanks Charlie ;-D
   12/08 04:37  arfarf:   I guess the point is this place is built out of people as much as it's built out of music
   12/08 04:31  arfarf:   I forgot Rob Berger somehow in those thanks    now corrected and deserved standing alone.
   12/08 04:22  humboldt1:   well said on the compliments to all involved arfarf      
   12/08 02:59  tHepCat:   Balmy 8 F here in SW Denver - gonna heat it up with that new BetaMania in just a bit
   12/08 02:15  indydarkstar:   just started that one here  
   12/08 02:14  gems:   That 3 17 sparkles, gLLad you are listening
   12/08 02:10  lostmyradio:   Tubes dance to dead music 807's on fire in the RCA exciter amp.
   12/08 01:54  gems:   
   12/08 01:48  lostmyradio:   34 ' outside *** hot inside
   12/08 01:46  lostmyradio:   Hey Jude turn it up a very jerry day
   12/08 01:43  lostmyradio:   70 % modulation on driver amp oh this brent Dear Mr. Fantasy >  
   12/08 01:41  lostmyradio:   gd1988-03-17.137354.sbd.GEMS.flac16
   12/08 01:26  dazed64:   Indeed!! stucco!!
   12/08 01:23  stuccoholmes:   10-01-77...
   12/08 01:17  arfarf:   np, I just know you have a good eye for stuff like that
   12/08 01:04  tHepCat:   maybe just vrought it to public eye is all
   12/08 01:04  tHepCat:   I didn't know there was a new betamania till I saw Gems shout about the issue - so no I didn't catch the issue first
   12/08 00:52  heungbo:   75 years now since Pearl Harbor. I watched the "Lost Tapes" this week would recommend it. Great unseen video and audio in it.
   12/08 00:49  heungbo:   I watched "A Technicolor Dream" last night so this is turning out to be an LSD themed week.
   12/08 00:45  heungbo:   LSD making me see only half of posts! Thanks.
   12/08 00:44  budz4ticketz:   unless those two were supposed to go hand in hand  
   12/08 00:43  budz4ticketz:   to bad he couldn't interview him... That show is pretty sweet. also, if at first you don't see your shout, hit refresh
   12/08 00:41  heungbo:   LSD show on Vice TV 10 PM. Hamilton goes on a roadtrip to reveal a lost LSD pioneer, got to be Bear
   12/08 00:39  heungbo:   LSD show on Vice TV tonight 10 PM Hamilton from NV goes on a roadtrip to explore a lost LSD pioneer- i'll bet its the Bear
   12/08 00:36  seaweed1010:   Chatted today with a WWII vet and his call to action after Dec 7, 1941
   12/08 00:19  gems:   30th Betamania, well past 27 - i think we will live.    Thanks for so much new GD Stucco. We havent even begun!!
   12/08 00:17  arfarf:   I think that may have set a speed record for a fix, at least for any "team" upload fix,  one not just one guy fixing his own oops
   12/08 00:15  arfarf:   @tHepCat:  I forgot to look and see if you are the one who first caught this issue, but if so, thanks.
   12/08 00:13  budz4ticketz:   checking out phonix right now... seems legit... I like the changes from Cog
   12/08 00:12  gems:   If you completed the previous seed of 31788Beta, hop back on new torrent, 10 second download for newly named checksums
   12/08 00:00  arfarf:   
   12/07 23:40  tHepCat:   I dig it, dog
   12/07 23:39  arfarf:   
   12/07 23:38  arfarf:   dig in no dogging in required
   12/07 23:37  arfarf:   Gone - but it will be back soon - @tHepCat, I believe you have described the issue correctly, but I haven't had time to dog in
   12/07 23:36  arfarf:   Last call
   12/07 23:35  Borude:   Although I think there is b/w video...

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