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   03/07 01:52  billtmcdee:   Happy BDay Bigwoods!!!  
   03/07 01:45  frazer:   I'm not certain it's our owsleyiii's big day tho'   ..   I thought owz' was one of us gemini brothers (?)      
   03/07 01:32  frazer:   Put down those knives , & take off them hoods...Wish peace & haPpiness , to Biggy Woods        
   03/07 01:18  alohamrj:   No should, could,would here.... Happy BDay Big Woods! javascript:%20SmileIT('',window.opener.document.forms.shout.mess);
   03/07 01:09  tHepCat:   thank you Sir, may I have another  
   03/07 01:07  gofredgo:   Abandon your coulds, your might haves, your would haves, your shoulds; and send Birthday Wishes to The Big Woods!
   03/07 01:04  dazed64:   
   03/07 01:03  dazed64:    bad tHepcat
   03/07 00:36  tHepCat:   sorry about the Jerry Lee being official foLLks - will make it up with another JLL in a bit  
   03/07 00:14  goother:       Ya'll better give up the goods, and say Happy Birthday Big Woods    
   03/07 00:08  jimmy j:   any sb of JA 1989 shows?  
   03/07 00:00  thebigwoods:   (love that emoticon, thanks, arfarf)
   03/06 23:59  thebigwoods:   
   03/06 23:20  seaweed1010:   Speaking of Marty Balin and Tuna, see torrents below
   03/06 23:07  arfarf:   Do you have another rhyme you think would fit, thebigwoods birthday, 'cuz today is it
   03/06 23:07  Hadrian:   Why was "Jerry Lee Lewis 1964-04-05" removed: official release?
   03/06 23:01  goother:       I just put down my bowl of cole slawsley, to say Happy Birthday brother Owsley    
   03/06 22:54  arfarf:   Larry Campbell produced it and sits in
   03/06 22:49  arfarf:   It's pretty good, imo
   03/06 22:41  redbeanzzz:   you should get Jorma's new Cd
   03/06 22:35  arfarf:   I'll catch Jorma solo in April, haven't seen him alone on stage since 87, iirc
   03/06 22:24  jsullivan:   That's alright. I have Jorma's 70th somewhere...haven't listed to Jack's yet. I'll catch their show in April
   03/06 21:51  arfarf:   Marty Joined Jorma and Jack for Jack's 70th B-day bash at Beacon
   03/06 21:39  jsullivan:   stereoboard.com has 2015 tour dates for the Starship
   03/06 21:30  jsullivan:   Well, glad her health is ok, Paul struggles from time to time. Jorma and Jack amazingly keep on truckin'
   03/06 21:26  arfarf:   you could be right, last time I saw her was 1993, with Paul, Jack and Jefferson Starship
   03/06 21:20  jsullivan:   11-6-65 looks nice! Thx
   03/06 21:19  jsullivan:   I thought Signe had left it all behind and stayed out of the biz as well.
   03/06 21:18  jsullivan:   It was pretty decent...all in all.
   03/06 21:17  jsullivan:   JStarship did do an extensive European tour a couple of years ago...Kantner, Freiberg, Baldwin, Smith, Gold with Cathy Richardson.
   03/06 20:43  arfarf:   Historically significant JA 11-6-65 Mime Troop Benefit show now up!
   03/06 20:42  arfarf:   Signe Anderson still alive and well at last report, but I don't anticipate any reunion
   03/06 20:37  jsullivan:   grace is done with the music biz and is happy painting...
   03/06 20:30  jimmy j:   any reunion shows for JA /
   03/06 20:23  gofredgo:   THC and IPA.  Happy Friday!!  
   03/06 20:22  arfarf:   by the Jefferson Airplane!
   03/06 20:22  arfarf:   and a female singer you either loved or hated - I'm gonna celebrate by adding a few shows not here yet...
   03/06 20:20  arfarf:   They had a wizard guitar player, a demon bassits, 2 and a half male vocalists...,
   03/06 20:20  arfarf:   so, one of my fave bay area bands has reached the 50th anniversary of their founding...
   03/06 19:44  Mattthrelkeld:   3/26/72
   03/06 19:42  Mattthrelkeld:   The next daves picks is one of the academy of music shows from '72
   03/06 19:40  arfarf:   Let me just say, with a note of glee, Happy Birthday, owsleyiii!  
   03/06 19:21  jimmy j:   any news on the nexts daves picks ?
   03/06 19:20  dillpickle:   I'd rather have all the THC and IPA I want, just sayin'
   03/06 19:19  Stendahl:   You'll have all the MTV and BET you can stomach, though, count on that.
   03/06 19:18  Stendahl:   By the time Obama's done, that agency will be his personal censorship blotter.
   03/06 19:18  dillpickle:   "Help me Rhona (unintelligible) ...my heart!"
   03/06 19:17  dillpickle:   sometimes I hear distress calls when I wear it, yesterday I got one sounded like...
   03/06 19:16  Stendahl:   The FCC will protect you, dillpickle.
   03/06 19:15  Stendahl:   The State decides what we see and hear?  Yup, smells like freedom to me.

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