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   08/25 23:35  frazer:   Hi..& w0w!   good morning, & thanks y'aLL! @ Rob, ain't that the truth! couldn't have said it better..  
   08/25 22:30  deadtrail:   Lucy has set LL on fire!
   08/25 21:33  Rob Berger:   what i was trying to say was YOU GO LUCY! you have a lot of good people pullin' for ya'  
   08/25 21:23  jsullivan:       we're  wishing the best for you!      
   08/25 21:23  humboldt1:   thanks for the lockin link dig me some ween
   08/25 21:00  Rob Berger:   flowers:
   08/25 20:58  chris ward:   Thanks for the reseed on Neil young 7-7-96!!
   08/25 20:55  gems:   
   08/25 20:48  perry:   I that we have a emoticon!  Great news Frazer!
   08/25 20:25  arfarf:   thanks renliff, good reminder, I'll bump the thread about that.
   08/25 20:16  renliff:   Free lockn stream https://fans.com/lockn
   08/25 19:31  jaz:   Sure .... Zen .... Good and bad .... Light and dark..... But why cant life just be good all the time      
   08/25 18:47  gmurray618:   Lots of to ay
   08/25 18:16  walstib68:    to you & Lucy!!! May she have a speedy recovery! Love ya Bro!!!
   08/25 18:15  walstib68:   @frazer Eyes & Scar>Fire is what got me on the bus.....and of course Garcia 2/6/1972 was the flame!  
   08/25 18:14  owsleyiii:   wake up to find some really good news being shared!  excellent update frazer love, strength and healing vibes {{{{{{{Lucy & frazer}}}}}}}
   08/25 15:10  frazer:   Wake now, discover that you are the song that the morning brings The heart has its seasons its evenings & songs of its own
   08/25 15:09  frazer:   Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world The heart has its beaches its homeland & thoughts of its own
   08/25 09:55  jsullivan:    @Trapper Murphy...great place...have a fun time!
   08/25 09:15  US Blues:   @Trapper Murphy- snowed up there recently, hasn't it?  
   08/25 09:15  US Blues:   Great news frazer, Lucy is a special gal, much to you both as she reclaimed her life.
   08/25 09:04  Trapper Murphy:   Driving to Yellowstone National Park in the morning for the Emmylou Harris, John Prine show.  North Entrance - Gardiner Montana.
   08/25 08:59  frazer:   Smileytime: http://www.shnflac.net/forum.php?action=viewtopic&topicid=8365&page=last#top  
   08/25 08:55  Smileytime:   Frazer i am not aware of all the back story but i just saw and caught wind of this - WOW - AWESOME!!!!! BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!
   08/25 08:47  jchastain:   Fan-freakin'-tastic news, Frazer
   08/25 07:57  jsullivan:    Lucy
   08/25 07:50  oed59049:   Great news, frazer!
   08/25 07:38  frazer:   oh, yes!   & now I owe LL a coupla hundred bucks, too   no sweat..it'LL be in there in the next 24  
   08/25 07:35  Hadrian:   What GRATE news this is, Drew!    
   08/25 07:35  frazer:   can hardly begin to describe the deep gratitude I feel   but I wiLL love & remember every one of you folks as long as I live  
   08/25 07:28  Jubal_H_Seamons:   So good to hear, frazer! Wishing Lucy all the best!
   08/25 07:24  deadtrail:   Great news, Frazer! So happy to hear after all you've gone through.
   08/25 07:24  moon:   Hurray!!!!   3 cheers for Lucy and her family!!!
   08/25 07:23  mls64:   great news frazer!  continued thoughts and prayers for her recovery.  
   08/25 07:21  dirtybuck:   Wonderful news frazer !
   08/25 07:15  frazer:   who can say for sure? BUT...I strongly believe they have aLL counted to a HUGE degree!  
   08/25 07:13  frazer:   Many thanks, varitek. Also, without aLL of your support, wishes, prayers & vibe's, things may not have turned out as they have  
   08/25 07:10  varitek:   So very happy to hear it frazer
   08/25 06:52  frazer:    LOVE to ALL
   08/25 06:52  frazer:   Lucy, you did it, kiddo...! It has been a darned tough week & a half..Without aLL your support, it wouldn't've been 1/2 so easy  
   08/25 06:51  walstib68:       
   08/25 06:50  gonearethedays:   Great news Frazer!!!!!
   08/25 06:47  frazer:   *SuccessfuLLy*   << a loving father's tears of joy and relief...I'm overwhelmed..& wiLL never be able to thank you aLL enough!
   08/25 06:44  frazer:   Guys!!! Newz just in: " The valve repair has been successfuLL completed, and Lucy will be awake in a few hours." !!      
   08/25 06:40  gyro:   This place rules...            
   08/25 06:28  walstib68:    "I'm goin' off da rails ona Crazy Traaain!"    
   08/25 06:21  mls64:   stepped away for 2 hrs, must have gotten crazy.
   08/25 06:20  mls64:   did I miss something?
   08/25 05:31  oed59049:   All the best, frazer & Lucy
   08/25 05:21  toastdoob:   ((( )))

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