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   07/04 19:59  arfarf:   most wav editers can be configured to cut at sector boundries, or not if you'd like/need finer trimming
   07/04 19:59  azphil:   Tracked on Adobe Audition, getting ready to convert to FLAC
   07/04 19:59  indydarkstar:   I use TLH to fix them on 16 bit versions of my shares and there are always SBE's
   07/04 19:58  indydarkstar:   audacity doesnt remove SBE's  
   07/04 19:57  toastdoob:   and an old copy of Adobe CS3 that works for me, too
   07/04 19:56  toastdoob:   never used Audacity - got cracked copies of cooledit pro 2 and SF 5 - work for me
   07/04 19:55  ShootingDarkstar:   Toast even the latest versions of Audacity takes SBE's off the radar
   07/04 19:54  ShootingDarkstar:   It takes a village
   07/04 19:53  arfarf:   ah heck, I'll make time, sleep when I'm dead, lol, PM me azphil
   07/04 19:53  toastdoob:   If you split with CDWAVe then there are no SBEs
   07/04 19:53  ShootingDarkstar:   Or do it myself
   07/04 19:53  ShootingDarkstar:   Phil, I'm busy this afternoon.  Maybe later on (I'm sure by then this will be taken care of), I'd be happy to help you.
   07/04 19:53  arfarf:   I leave for Chicago in the morning, not sure I'll have time
   07/04 19:52  azphil:   right over my head
   07/04 19:52  arfarf:   yes, convert to flac would be next, check or fix SBE's, create checksums and info file
   07/04 19:51  ShootingDarkstar:   Phil, Arf may be the man for you.  He's one of our LL hero's!  
   07/04 19:50  ShootingDarkstar:   I personally thought last night's music was perfect.  Trey nailed it.  I came in with no opinion on him at all.  He channeled Jerry beautifully
   07/04 19:49  azphil:   I have never put anything up.  Looked in FAQ but didn't see instructions.  Presume convert to FLAC, then?  Happy to FTP to someone who knows
   07/04 19:49  toastdoob:   I'm up to Crazy Fingers from last night with Z's copy
   07/04 19:49  ShootingDarkstar:       
   07/04 19:49  arfarf:   bad review cuz Phil didn't twerk?
   07/04 19:48  ShootingDarkstar:   Just read the Chicago Tribune review.  The writer is used to covering Miley Cyrus, obviously.
   07/04 19:47  arfarf:   what step are you hung at?
   07/04 19:47  ShootingDarkstar:   Phil, you could send them to me.  That's one thing you could do!    
   07/04 19:43  azphil:   Dish receiver > Sony PCM M10 16/44
   07/04 19:42  azphil:   Just wav files right now
   07/04 19:42  azphil:   I have the Dish stream tracked & ready to do something with - just don't know what to do??
   07/04 19:39  johanfex:   yeah it's a weir..d triangle  
   07/04 19:34  deadrat:   
   07/04 19:33  indydarkstar:   
   07/04 19:32  sunshinedavedream:   that's why we are one big happy family
   07/04 19:31  sunshinedavedream:   it IS funny..picky tapers vs. the great unwashed masses vs. the academicians vs. "I'm here for the party mofo!"
   07/04 19:31  johanfex:   no sh..................  
   07/04 19:30  indydarkstar:   deadheads can be kind of anal about those small details  
   07/04 19:29  indydarkstar:   there will never be an unknown taper,unknown gear show from z in the future
   07/04 19:26  indydarkstar:   avoids any doubt about the source when listening 20 years from now
   07/04 19:23  toastdoob:   Zman stuff always has that adrn commercial at the end...
   07/04 19:22  toastdoob:   how does the sonics dead50 compare to http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=580708/
   07/04 19:22  sunshinedavedream:   but I don't see myself going back to listen to this band over and over again like I do certain GD shows
   07/04 19:21  sunshinedavedream:   will be interesting to hear how they remix the multi tracks for release
   07/04 19:21  sunshinedavedream:   The OTS stuff from last night is blah stadium sound...hope someone ran spaced omnis FOB
   07/04 19:14  arfarf:   Good morning music LLovers!
   07/04 19:03  synche:   fob for 6-27 up at etree, slow ul'ing
   07/04 19:01  goother:   oh yeah, where I was sitting it was aLL keys. Keys and trey.Chimenti's solo on Passenger SMOKED!!!
   07/04 19:00  johanfex:   I said we'll have to make him do a mtrx ......... I doubt very much there are any for the moment
   07/04 18:59  gearfab:   Nothing left to do but smell
   07/04 18:58  wolfy73:   Where can I find the Jubal matrix?
   07/04 18:58  johanfex:   we'll have to make Jubal make Mtrx part strem pull part aud  
   07/04 18:57  crookedman76:   the keys def sound better on the auds
   07/04 18:56  indydarkstar:   keys are where they should be on this Z pull,I think the missing keys are all on the stream sources

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