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   11/21 17:47  candymanfloyd:   Eye low Jack and winner takes the hand?        
   11/21 17:15  meanmrkite:   "it's not just for hangovers anymore!"      
   11/21 17:14  meanmrkite:   "ot
   11/21 17:14  meanmrkite:   Jerrymeister...1200 mics proof    Our motto:  "The bottle was dusty, but the liquor was clean"
   11/21 16:56  gems:                                             
   11/21 16:54  seaweed1010:   Seeding the DaWeez source of 11-21-90 if anyone wants it
   11/21 16:50  seaweed1010:   Hardest I ever saw Jerry play from '83-'95: Lets Spend Night Together 11-21-90  
   11/21 16:22  johanfex:   Happy B-day  Dr John  
   11/21 16:12  gems:                                                                                "unable to dance I'll still crawl across it, unable to dance I'll crawLL"
   11/21 16:11  gems:                                                                                                                                         
   11/21 15:40  owsleyiii:   Good Morning and fahrvergnugen to aLL stay warm and have a grate/great day
   11/21 14:45  walstib68:   JGB 11-21-1977  
   11/21 14:34  US Blues:   21 November: 1969; 1970; 1973!!!; 1978          
   11/21 14:02  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers
   11/21 10:33  frazer:   ...do NOT stop on tracks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~bee-beep !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   11/21 07:15  frazer:   (*Sold separately . **Dosages may vary . Use with 'Caution'.    
   11/21 07:14  frazer:   & now a word from our sponsors: Try new GD p0p*, it's Psychervescent**!! Yep , just plain old , funny old , GD p0p !
   11/21 05:41  highplainsdrifter :   Scored a case and a half of Backwoods Bastard today,down to the cellar with it for at least 6 months
   11/21 04:46  rockinws:   Sure, taped many shows there, all in the balcony. Even when the RADS were there with their SBD patch bay
   11/21 04:42  wharfratjoe:   rockinws , thank you for the GAMH taper info  
   11/21 04:36  meanmrkite:   
   11/21 04:36  meanmrkite:   MANY thanks to whomever topped off the Miles Davis 10-08-64 seed I've had open for four months!!!  
   11/21 04:24  walbank tom:   afrodelic stegosaurchestra
   11/21 02:41  meanmrkite:   so it varies...so it goes...YAY!  
   11/21 02:41  meanmrkite:   of course, a couple days ago I was thinking "Swing Brother Swing" by Lady Day was the greatest song ever written...so it goes  
   11/21 02:39  meanmrkite:   and yes, I'm now thinking "Step Inside This House" is the greatest song ever written (the 13th Floor Elevators version of course)  
   11/21 02:38  meanmrkite:   i'm moving down to Flo Reh Dah...like Ray Bolger dancing on the hood of a car in a traffic jam  
   11/21 02:37  meanmrkite:   listening to "where The Pyramid Meets The Eye" Roky tribute...the fellow Austinites BH Surfers do a fab "Earthquake"
   11/21 02:36  meanmrkite:                     
   11/21 02:35  meanmrkite:   i'll say goother...these days 2 beers are enough to put me to...
   11/21 02:35  Jubal_H_Seamons:     Go.. in'..  for..   the..   the..  su..    per..   du..   per..        kill..              
   11/21 02:01  goother:   yeah, seems pretty well established that alchohol disrupts sleep patterns.Some will be more sensitive than others.  
   11/21 01:51  cpelz:   Screwed up my first hot link...How bout this?
   11/21 01:50  cpelz:   "...alcohol contributes more to beer's calorie content than do carbohydrates"
   11/21 01:49  cpelz:   "the majority of beers on the market contain relatively low levels of carbohydrates"
   11/21 01:49  cpelz:   re: beer carbs: http://tinyurl.com/p6yby3b
   11/21 00:30  jackaroeRI:   he has lots of "MSG, JGB at Warfield and entire europe tour mostly from Sony D-6 nak 300s or Beyer M88s
   11/21 00:28  jackaroeRI:   just met a guy through FB that has a bunch of un-transferred masters he was wondering if there was any interest in sending them to someone to transfer
   11/21 00:16  frazer:   yeah , no worries 'bout the old ratio , though we do LOVE to share here....puLL up a comfy chair , & 'have at it' , as they say !  
   11/21 00:11  frazer:   ..but otherwise , that's 'just exactly perfect' advice from thebigwoods there  
   11/21 00:07  thebigwoods:   And he'll thank you  
   11/21 00:07  frazer:   & if you mean speed-wise , yomama1922 , it's pretty much dependant on what your ISP is able to provide you with..
   11/21 00:07  thebigwoods:   you have downloaded and that someone else is trying to get.  Load a show into your tracker and the other dude will start getting it from you.  
   11/21 00:05  thebigwoods:   Click your name to get your "User Details" page and just below your info you'll find that Seeders Wanted list.  Those are shows that
   11/21 00:04  thebigwoods:   ratios aren't in play here, but is you want to give back more the check the "Seeder's Wanted' list routinely
   11/20 23:59  yomama1922:   whats a good way to increase my upload
   11/20 22:53  rockinws:   GAMH is taper friendly, no stands and you will be up in the balcony. get there early for a good spot
   11/20 22:18  frazer:   ye be more than weLLcome , kind mr.kite !   ..& peas , love and mung beans to ye aLL!    ..    
   11/20 21:52  jackaroeRI:   http://tinyurl.com/k7asbfv A short clip from Ryan Adams Tuesday. his influence from playing w/Phil  is evident.
   11/20 21:46  wharfratjoe:   looks like a no stand policy from what i found

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