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   05/30 17:27  indydarkstar:   always glad to help
   05/30 17:23  Hadrian:   @indydarkstar - Thanks for the "User Profile" help!  
   05/30 17:07  indydarkstar:   good morning LL'ers
   05/30 11:28  humboldt1:   hey careful man theres a beverage here.    
   05/30 09:18  toastdoob:   
   05/30 09:17  toastdoob:   Thank a vet!
   05/30 09:17  toastdoob:   run and coca cola (with vaniLLa extract) and cured flowers...
   05/30 08:30  perry:   Thanks as always to Taper Rob  
   05/30 08:30  perry:   Fire pit + Phil + cigar + beverages  
   05/30 08:15  candymanfloyd:   Phil stream is killer. Gotta serve somebody
   05/30 08:05  humboldt1:   speaking of jam i picked maybe 5 gallons of blueberries last couple of days. phil stream sounds killer
   05/30 07:41  indydarkstar:   paste link into avatar box
   05/30 07:40  indydarkstar:   user panel over there >>>>  into change profile tab
   05/30 07:31  Hadrian:   @indydarkstar & toastdoob - Thanks! I now understand the need for a link - but where on the "User Details" page do I put it?
   05/30 07:25  toastdoob:   someone send Mook home with some goodies for me!!!   I'm sending him west next week
   05/30 07:25  indydarkstar:   mostly liquid corn,but yea,those too  
   05/30 07:24  toastdoob:   stuffed with dried flowers?
   05/30 07:23  indydarkstar:   a lot of quart mason jars were involved  
   05/30 07:23  toastdoob:   right now I'm digging disk 2 of the winwood/clapton affair now on page 2 of torrents
   05/30 07:21  toastdoob:   or the big 24?
   05/30 07:21  toastdoob:   is that in the 16 OZ jar?
   05/30 06:59  humboldt1:   love me some nelson jam
   05/30 06:48  candymanfloyd:   Eric Krasno is the man on guitar!!!!
   05/30 06:46  toastdoob:   just like to it there ~ any personal webspace provided by your ISP?
   05/30 06:46  toastdoob:   if you have webspace somewhere or a friend who can host a picture on a site somewhere for you...
   05/30 06:40  toastdoob:   tinypic works for me ~ using an IMG tag on a dropbox link didn't work
   05/30 06:37  indydarkstar:   same thing to add photos to forums
   05/30 06:37  indydarkstar:   you have to put it at someplace like photobucket and get a link
   05/30 06:34  Hadrian:   How do I add a picture to my "User Details" page?
   05/30 06:19  walstib68:   Phil on Mixlr>> http://tinyurl.com/zmkmrvn
   05/30 06:15  walstib68:   oops....Midnight Hour opener
   05/30 06:15  walstib68:   Pride, Reuben Mr Fantasy! Go Phil!
   05/30 05:51  perry:   Taper Rob live again, already a much more rockin show then last night  
   05/30 05:04  indydarkstar:   I might actually have some of that nelson jam,I learned just how tough my H4N is watching it get danced into the mud in the middle of the cirle
   05/30 05:02  indydarkstar:   I just dont have the energy  
   05/30 05:02  gems:   but oh the latenight drunken mess campfire jams are  
   05/30 05:02  gems:   almost worth taping those more than anything
   05/30 05:02  indydarkstar:   last year david nelson,larry keel,at least a dozen other various band members and another dozen fans  
   05/30 05:00  indydarkstar:   the camp jams are incredible too,but I usually dont worry about trying to tape those as well
   05/30 04:59  indydarkstar:   yea,all set,3stages 3 days solo can be stressful,I miss a lot of music I get to revsit in post  
   05/30 04:58  gems:   and those pesky sd cards...
   05/30 04:57  gems:   as the old tapers used to do practicing tape flips, i suspect you are testing and making sure extra cables exists - big job to tape
   05/30 04:55  indydarkstar:   I always hear something new that I like,having a couple of my favorites this year makes for icing on my cake
   05/30 04:53  gems:   Love Indydarkstar JHM time....   you capture a huge part of america  its awesome
   05/30 04:02  seaweed1010:   Happy Memorial Day weekend! Thanks for the shoutout Andy. Rock on Jerryrocks
   05/30 03:59  indydarkstar:   this time next week I will have over 100 sets to work on  
   05/30 03:58  indydarkstar:   I taped JR Brown last year and could probably give it a go,but the alligators arrive tuesday morning  
   05/30 03:39  gems:   we streamed it here kevin via taperrob, gLLad you enjoyed
   05/30 03:36  indydarkstar:   candymanfloyd check your PM for some audacity help  
   05/30 03:21  kevtobin:   and was like visiting a shrine to GD taping

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