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   04/23 21:53  caf:   I'm looking for just a brief clip, not the longer documentary that I found on YouTube.
   04/23 21:52  caf:   Does anyone have a link to a clip of Howard Cosell reciting Dylan's Forever Young to Mohammed Ali?
   04/23 21:52  caf:   Seeing them under the Flyers' and Sixers' banners was a memorable part of my youth.
   04/23 21:51  caf:   The Dead played the Spectrum more times than anyone except possibly Springsteen.
   04/23 20:53  scottdead:   Max Creek 4-11-14 Part 1 is up at youtube  http://youtu.be/reYjN3RAF1g
   04/23 20:16  Brad125:   Broad Street Bullies baby!!!  Used to love seeing those banners at the Spectrum all glossy-eyed  
   04/23 19:20  gems:   band is clearly inspired, brent sounds fantastic and Garcia peeling off notes,  
   04/23 19:19  gems:   listening to 5 30 80 transfer passenger>easyto love you althea> music never stopped is just great
   04/23 19:14  ajg:   Hockey is the greatest sport, just because it is.  Go Bruins!!
   04/23 18:48  andymon:   Coincidental minors for hooking and slashing.
   04/23 18:27  meanmrkite:   gud morgen to youse aLL  
   04/23 18:16  Brad125:   4-23-84 New Haven  Aiko>Sailor>Saint>UJB>Only A Fool  Killer time    
   04/23 17:44  gems:                                                                a strain i just discovered is Dutch Treat, boy it does what it should  
   04/23 16:53  johanfex:   who ever said cops don't need to expand their minds  
   04/23 16:51  gonearethedays:   Cops are "tripping" near Austin  http://bit.ly/1kRe9Ku
   04/23 16:31  cmore:   Hockey might be the greatest sport because they show a guy on TV
   04/23 16:31  cmore:   and put the word "tripping" right under him. Thanks the fates that never happened to me.
   04/23 16:31  cmore:   Hockey might be the greatest sport because they show a guy on TV
   04/23 16:30  hulls:   Good morning aLL! Some 9/16/90 MSG He's Gone to start this day. Have a Grate one...
   04/23 16:29  luminarist:   same as it ever was
   04/23 16:22  US Blues:     Ring Of Fame at Mile High Stadium    
   04/23 15:51  CDJones:   Whatever happened to Haven Moses?  
   04/23 15:44  JohnOO:   New Haven? What is wrong with Old Haven?
   04/23 14:50  US Blues:   23 April: 1969; 1977; and something about New Haven...      
   04/23 13:05  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers
   04/23 03:56  meanmrkite:    happy rat bday indeed!  
   04/23 03:52  gems:    to RatDog, their first show today in 1995 in SF for EarthDay
   04/23 03:41  meanmrkite:   still a Trekkie...      
   04/23 03:40  meanmrkite:   did someone say something about Leonard McCoy??  aka Bones?  
   04/23 03:27  billtmcdee:   5 10 86 excellent xylo action and talking drum during D/S
   04/23 03:25  billtmcdee:   oops didnt mean to shout that, the beam I believe he called big hair
   04/23 03:22  billtmcdee:   If we are talking about the same instrument, I believe Micky called it "big hair"
   04/23 02:11  mikeshoun:   There'a great jam passage with xylophone in 3/31/85 after China Doll into drums
   04/23 02:10  ld92287:   African Balafons
   04/23 02:05  ld92287:   I'm almost sure that was made for Mickey on his trip to Africa
   04/23 02:01  jackaroeRI:   I have never heard or read that anywhere,xtra creepy   time to google it
   04/23 01:59  jackaroeRI:   ld92287 "Bones" is a cool name and the drum sticks being bones must be looked into
   04/23 01:56  poordevil:   2nd set somewhere at the start
   04/23 01:56  poordevil:   .standing face to face, it was like a little mini tuning song & it's on the tapes
   04/23 01:54  poordevil:   my 4th show I think.  maybe the 5th.  ?  it was a good one, Jerry & Bod did a cool tune up...
   04/23 01:52  poordevil:   bought tickets in Sears, warm & dry & took 10 minutes  
   04/23 01:51  poordevil:   an all time favorite, middle mez, left of stage, one third back with good angle to see
   04/23 01:39  coopertown:   camped out for 2 days in freezing cold at the Spectrum that March for tickets the lot was crazy oh man was that fun
   04/23 01:35  coopertown:   4/22/77 i was there    great show beginning to end
   04/23 01:34  ld92287:   I called it 'Bones' not sure if that's the right name, but I think the sticks Mickey used to play were made of bone.
   04/23 01:05  goother:   no I think he's talking about something that sounds more like vibes or xylo, not sure what that was
   04/23 01:00  achipar:   big block xylophone --the Beam?
   04/22 23:35  Emoto:   Wish someone would find kingfish from 7/31/76. it was such a good show!
   04/22 22:21  spinneresque:   LOVE that 4.22.77 one of the unsung.   I haven't heard it in years
   04/22 22:08  indydarkstar:   early 77 crackles with energy

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