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   02/10 23:50  henry:   pretty sure 4/23/79 reconstruction show. old waldorf SF
   02/10 23:46  frolfer:   early 80s?
   02/10 23:45  frolfer:   when is that pic of Jerry and Paul from? late 70s?
   02/10 23:38  arfarf:   Thanks for your editorial opinion, I gotta tell you, mayernaisse gets funnier every time
   02/10 23:19  henry:   ugly rumors added. the mayernaisse will be spread far and wide.
   02/10 22:50  arfarf:   I'll bump the summer tour rumor thread, if any one has and would kindly add the west coast rumors to it
   02/10 22:05  wharfratjoe:   if rumored Hollywood bowl will be a go, hoping for ots
   02/10 22:05  wharfratjoe:   so far i havent seen any taper tix available on ticketbastard site
   02/10 22:04  wharfratjoe:   hey aLL!
   02/10 19:58  arfarf:   this is the guy who sent me those recently shared TC and Hunter tapes, and has more goodies on the way to me
   02/10 19:56  arfarf:   old friend i stay in touch with but haven't seen in over a decade called yesterday, I'll be seeing him at Alpine  
   02/10 19:56  G-squared:   gorge is on my bucket list
   02/10 19:52  G-squared:   gouge?
   02/10 19:48  tHepCat:   their wallets will be fully gorged after this tour I'm sure
   02/10 19:44  G-squared:   gorge?
   02/10 19:43  Russjcan:   west coast from 9-30 to 10-15 Washington to Hollywood bowl
   02/10 19:42  varitek:   Poor grammar, sorry. Being sober doesn't seem to make my fingers work any better..
   02/10 19:41  G-squared:   add
   02/10 19:41  G-squared:   what was the turnout for the last SF Dead & Co? think they will ad some CA shows?
   02/10 19:39  varitek:   One good from thing these huge Dead and Co gigs would seem that anyone who wants to go, can..
   02/10 19:37  varitek:   Ha!! Thx for suggestion gdead78 but I've managed to give up weed/cigs and now booze and its workin out pretty well  
   02/10 19:35  G-squared:   I'm thinking a Billy K crowd surf
   02/10 19:34  seaweed1010:   Hope Mickey walks to end of catwalk and serenades us with Only the Strange Remain
   02/10 19:32  seaweed1010:   Hopefully Bobby runs up and down it at Citi Field during Sugar Mags  
   02/10 19:31  seaweed1010:   Dead and Co jumped the shark and added a catwalk into GA area        
   02/10 19:29  gdead78:   varitek: now is a grate time to start back up!!  saturate your endogenous cannabinoid system
   02/10 19:20  dgeisler:   so folsom Field can only be purchased through CU's site?
   02/10 19:15  seaweed1010:   Enjoying 3 Kings, Girl Scout Cookies. And not your daughter's girl scout cookies  
   02/10 19:10  varitek:   I get a kick out of the names, haven't puffed in 20 years so I am a little out of touch...
   02/10 18:54  jsullivan:   @ dg 46 is young...it's all in your outlook
   02/10 18:49  Russjcan:   JackStraw Touch of Grey Pheno
   02/10 18:48  jaz:   There are soooo many variations of flowers these days we need names, aLL experiences are slightly to way different
   02/10 18:44  ebbet:   green crack kush and silver haze
   02/10 18:40  perry:   try this http://tinyurl.com/h2bxbtf
   02/10 18:30  dgeisler:   can someone explain why there is no tix info for Folsom Field????
   02/10 18:26  dgeisler:   @ 46 not sure how young I am anymore
   02/10 18:22  walstib68:   IDK what any of it really means...  I've been cloning the same white widow since '98  
   02/10 18:20  varitek:   The names the young people be using for the Mary Jane these days is quite something  
   02/10 17:59  dgeisler:   yumboldt full melt live resin here yo'
   02/10 17:57  gdead78:   and White Russian full melt dry sift      
   02/10 17:55  gdead78:   jaz: im also puffin on Gorilla Glue flowers  
   02/10 17:45  varitek:   ... and that he kept standing up at his kit during the sets in Mexico.
   02/10 17:45  gems:   mad respect for their approach.  Cant get to listening to anything else as of late, their music is ON FIRE
   02/10 17:42  varitek:   The observation I keep reading is that he didn't look any better upon his return he did a year and a half ago...
   02/10 17:40  varitek:   WSP is notoriously tight lipped about internal matters.
   02/10 17:27  gems:   not that i care but is it substance related, or inter personal?  regardless Duane Trucks is great
   02/10 17:24  panicpilgrims:   schools statement was the one that made it "seem" like they had parted ways for good
   02/10 17:22  panicpilgrims:   lotta peeple adding content that isnt there
   02/10 17:22  panicpilgrims:   i read the statement lol
   02/10 17:07  gems:   loading up the 2/9 now, gotta say ive relistened to the Playa stuff a few times, really good too

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