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   12/19 09:52  wharfratjoe:   upload 200!  
   12/19 08:37  arfarf:   just changed ISP's, and am surprised to see I may have a slightly less pitiful upspeed, yay
   12/19 05:40  wharfratjoe:   updated show here with shnid
   12/19 05:29  wharfratjoe:   done
   12/19 05:22  wharfratjoe:   anyone submit a shnid for this, if not I will take care of that too
   12/19 05:21  wharfratjoe:   yeah weLL u never know, better to ask with this specific one then just do it..if u know what i mean  
   12/19 05:16  gems:   please do, no permission needed
   12/19 04:55  wharfratjoe:   i can seed the new mason on etree right now if i get the OK from those involved here
   12/19 04:46  gyro:   Adams was very appreciative of San Francisco punk history. A very fun show.
   12/19 04:45  gyro:   Coop, they did "Moon over Marin". There's an audience video on relix.com.
   12/19 04:38  coopertown:   G that sounds interesting.i don`t know ryan adams music what did they do together
   12/19 04:33  wharfratjoe:   will this als be going up on bt.etree.org?
   12/19 04:29  wharfratjoe:   New Mason  = JGB  = Cheers to aLL involved!  
   12/19 04:24  gyro:   Thought of our coopertown when Jello Biafra took the stage with Ryan Adams on Sunday night...  
   12/19 02:34  dazed64:   New Mason now up...  Early Merry Christmas aLL
   12/19 01:57  wharfratjoe:   just be on the look out that night here in SB and Couch Tour on FB
   12/19 01:57  wharfratjoe:   i will post a link if the wifi is decent
   12/19 01:01  jackaroeRI:   where will you stream wrfrtJoe? I haven't heard either of these bands and don't know who eric M is
   12/18 19:35  wharfratjoe:   maybe streaming it too    
   12/18 19:35  wharfratjoe:   my new years plans http://tinyurl.com/on8p697...could be yours too
   12/18 19:34  wharfratjoe:   
   12/18 19:30  indydarkstar:   just stoping by on some free wifi,signing papers on a new place and hope to have interwebs again sometime in january
   12/18 19:07  wharfratjoe:   Hi Indy  
   12/18 18:44  gems:   weLLcome home Indy
   12/18 18:36  indydarkstar:         
   12/18 18:32  wharfratjoe:   if interested, there is video that mrmoonscooter took of both shaky feelin and hbr from 11-21, he hasnt worked on it yet
   12/18 16:49  johanfex:   Happy 71 Keef
   12/18 16:43  wharfratjoe:   enjoy!
   12/18 16:43  wharfratjoe:   this is new, enjoy courtesy of mrmoonscooter from ventura https://archive.org/details/HBR2014-11-21.aud.flac16
   12/18 16:43  wharfratjoe:   morning LL
   12/18 15:19  we420247:   high
   12/18 15:19  US Blues:   18 December 1973: DARK STAR                
   12/18 13:40  Billyk:   Morning aLL!
   12/18 13:09  dazed64:   
   12/18 12:47  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers
   12/18 06:15  wharfratjoe:   LL chatroom folks, its free u know  
   12/18 06:03  frazer:    'bout 6 hours to go , here ..... G'night y'aLL  
   12/18 05:55  wharfratjoe:   i wish
   12/18 05:00  gyro:   Is it Friday yet? Dang.    
   12/18 04:16  wharfratjoe:   sent
   12/18 04:14  wharfratjoe:   code? u mean the server?
   12/18 04:12  frazer:   if you can PM me w/that LL code to get in on CZ (my chat app. ) then I'll see ya right there  
   12/18 04:11  wharfratjoe:   chatroom frazer?
   12/18 04:11  wharfratjoe:   sweet
   12/18 04:11  wharfratjoe:   not sure i have that.
   12/18 04:06  frazer:   gotta be   speaking of which , got the Menke/Holwein aud. of 6/8/'77 firing here , 2nd set gorgeousness !!  
   12/18 04:04  wharfratjoe:   ear candy!!!
   12/18 04:04  wharfratjoe:   ...wait gems mentioned that like a day or two ago i think in the SB
   12/18 04:03  wharfratjoe:   oh...
   12/18 04:03  frazer:   good news there joe   & re; JGB show , it's a complete of 10/28/'82 by Mason , I believe..  

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