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   05/22 16:57  memphiskat:       Lifting Weights + Pantera's Official Live:  101 Proof       my hands appear to be a bit shaky  
   05/22 16:53  memphiskat:   Aw come on!  its Lifting Weights + Pantera's Lifting Weights to Panteras' Official Live: 101 Proof! Yep thats working!
   05/22 16:52  memphiskat:        :strong bench:  +  Pantera's Lifting Weights to Panteras' Official Live: 101 Proof!            
   05/22 16:51  wharfratjoe:   May 22 GrooveSession and Grampas Grass Start time shows 8:30pm to ? PCH Club 6285 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, California 90803
   05/22 16:50  wharfratjoe:   The Rum Runners Sat. 5/23 afternoon at Naja's Place 2:00 to 6:00 pm Naja's Place 154 International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, California 90277
   05/22 16:48  johanfex:   you can still go to classic up to your right then bottom of notice
   05/22 16:18  quineskimo:   https://soundcloud.com/quinfolk/sets/vdd3 burp
   05/22 16:17  quineskimo:   https://soundcloud.com/quinfolk/sets/vdd2
   05/22 16:16  quineskimo:   Voodoo Dead
   05/22 16:16  quineskimo:   https://soundcloud.com/quinfolk/sets/vdd51
   05/22 16:07  US Blues:   22 May: 1977; 1982  
   05/22 16:01  gdry:   j/k on the weir part, i shouldnt make him he scapegoat.
   05/22 16:00  gdry:   that new format really sucks..... thanks Bobby.  
   05/22 15:58  gdry:   Im not able to revert to the classic layout anymore... did they take that option away ?
   05/22 15:46  johanfex:   at least something  
   05/22 15:45  johanfex:   was just at IA they have installed the "browse all artists" page into the beta version    
   05/22 07:31  sunshinedavedream:   voodoo dead...some interesting material but muddy mixes
   05/22 06:17  toastdoob:   it's intermittant and power cycling fixes it for now
   05/22 06:15  toastdoob:   my old BSR EQ developed a bad cap - I'll have to use heat and freez spray to find it
   05/22 06:14  toastdoob:   If you puLL your 2K and 4K down about 3 dBm this sounds great
   05/22 05:51  toastdoob:   OK, it's up - the info hash matches DIME - took 4 tries to match it up!!!!!
   05/22 05:42  toastdoob:   It's not the best sounding tape I've ever heard........
   05/22 05:38  toastdoob:   and arfarf can help seed it!
   05/22 05:37  toastdoob:   I'm grabbing that EC with BB show and should have it in about 10 minutes - I can post here if it's OK
   05/22 04:18  JerryRocks:   Many thanks in advance!  
   05/22 04:18  JerryRocks:   http://www.shnflac.net/details.php?id=ddc4abe195ebfacc07b8146955d6c74d93113e5d ?
   05/22 04:18  JerryRocks:   Can anyone help with a seed for Bromberg 1972-03-03 at
   05/22 03:34  johanfex:   it's up at dime  3 days ago
   05/22 03:13  arfarf:   kinda surprised it's not here already
   05/22 03:13  arfarf:   I've got that show, from the "Super Mega Blues Vine", iirc
   05/22 02:48  ZoomZoom:   I will seed it at Planet Rock within the hour.
   05/22 02:47  ZoomZoom:   B.B. King (with Eric Clapton and Diana Ross) Atlanta, Georgia April 19, 1979 SBD
   05/22 02:47  ZoomZoom:   There are easier ways to upload a show.  For anyone interested in this:
   05/22 01:33  indydarkstar:   zoomzoom,you do not have uploader status here,contact an orange admin and let them know what ya got
   05/22 01:30  thebigwoods:   800x800px, phtographer attributed would be best
   05/22 01:30  thebigwoods:   would anyone be so kind as to point me to a great photo of Hunter healthy on recent tours
   05/22 01:25  ZoomZoom:               
   05/22 01:24  ZoomZoom:   is the "Start" button.  
   05/22 01:24  ZoomZoom:   and I know how to upload a torrent but having admittedly not uploaded here in a couple of years, where exactly
   05/22 01:23  ZoomZoom:   I'm having one of those days.  Got a BB King SBD with Eric Clapton and Diana Ross to share
   05/22 00:39  Glendog:   sounds excellent....just like being there that night
   05/22 00:38  Glendog:   noticed there are no audience sources for 3/18/77 on the lma or in db.etree.org...anyone want to digitize my copy i've had on cassette since 89 or so?
   05/22 00:02  dgeisler:   born 5 days later 2/18/70
   05/21 23:36  JerryRocks:   Does anyone have JEMS' B.B. King 1972-12-23 at HIC Arena, Honolulu, HI they could post?
   05/21 23:32  indydarkstar:   weird right out of the gate  
   05/21 23:03  wharfratjoe:   2-13-70 = my bday  
   05/21 22:53  gems:   Thanks JerryRocks!
   05/21 22:52  xconnolly:   http://tinyurl.com/n4fuzrp ... gotta spell your tags right  
   05/21 22:49  xconnolly:   @MalFrie: It seems that the estes brothers are still playing [url]http://tinyurl.com/n4fuzrp[/urrl]
   05/21 22:07  gems:   Heads up the 2 13 70 late show matrix 'nicksmix' is pretty spectacular... A bLLessing indeed

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