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   09/22 20:19  Mydland_Years:   
   09/22 20:17  Mydland_Years:         : roflol:
   09/22 18:09  StonesFallFromMyEyes:   I was LMAO when that all transpired, it was kind of fitting
   09/22 18:08  StonesFallFromMyEyes:   And when they started playing the Two Soldiers one of them stood up on his seat and started yelling Tally Ho
   09/22 18:06  StonesFallFromMyEyes:   When 2 dudes showed up there really high on the cid sat off to our right across the aisle of stairs
   09/22 18:05  StonesFallFromMyEyes:   Was sitting up in the rafters behind the stage in what was the first vestiges of the fatty zone that night
   09/22 18:02  StonesFallFromMyEyes:   First GD Two Soldiers/Handsome Cabin Boy Jam, 9-22-87 at the Rectum  
   09/22 17:44  jmitchell:   so New Speedway Boogie with JB & YMSB from 09-19 is pretty sweet
   09/22 16:32  gems:                                                                                                                                         
   09/22 15:22  owsleyiii:   Good Morning to aLL safe travels wherever the road's headed have a grate/great day
   09/22 15:21  owsleyiii:   road trips with
   09/22 15:11  US Blues:   22 September 1993  
   09/22 15:11  US Blues:   safe journey luminarist  
   09/22 14:54  keo72467:   Have fun luminarist!
   09/22 14:49  luminarist:   Mondays just don't get any better than this  
   09/22 14:48  luminarist:   2 fresh pots of coffe ... driving south for NOLA ... Sun rising over my shoulder ... 5/2/70 filling the airwaves ....
   09/22 14:46  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers    
   09/22 14:33  keo72467:   Starting this morning with some fresh recordings from this past weekend
   09/22 14:32  keo72467:   Morning aLL  
   09/22 08:19  US Blues:   and you know that notion, just crossed my mind  
   09/22 06:05  gyro:   Haven't seen Willie in years, dang...            
   09/22 05:36  seaweed1010:   Nothing like a Willie Nelson concert. Caught the legend tonight in Newark  
   09/22 04:45  poordevil:   2012
   09/22 04:45  poordevil:   In 21012 the Ravens lost 6 reg season games & went on to win the SB.
   09/22 04:41  poordevil:   I would not count them out just yet, it's a long season & a lot of things can happen.
   09/22 04:14  tHepCat:   SD beats em and Denver gives em all they can handle (finally) - they may not even win the west this year  
   09/22 04:13  tHepCat:    Seasquars will be just the next in a long linbe of SB winners to not even win 1 post season game the year following  
   09/22 03:31  Vpete:   Broncos done- but man do the Seahawks needs to step up play calling and intensity
   09/22 02:32  tHepCat:   ok now it's over  
   09/22 02:19  gyro:   Wow
   09/22 02:14  dewme:   It certainly is NOT over. Tied
   09/22 01:55  miles1960:   ..yep ... and now it is over ... NFC WEST
   09/22 01:38  tHepCat:    it aint over till it's over  
   09/22 01:03  gyro:   Hard to listen, hope it gets better...
   09/22 00:58  gyro:   Low spark, ha
   09/22 00:54  indydarkstar:   yea,sounds like cable
   09/22 00:52  gyro:   Sounds like taperrob has a bad cable... Or high winds or something....
   09/22 00:46  gyro:   My video is football, audio is Phil, lol....  
   09/22 00:45  gyro:   Whew...
   09/22 00:42  indydarkstar:   phil er up is video from the pit no audio,mixed with robs audio  
   09/22 00:42  gyro:   Thnx for da stream....  
   09/22 00:41  indydarkstar:   phil stream starting now,see forum for links
   09/21 22:43  deadtrail:   That would be a "nice painting of the world"
   09/21 22:42  deadtrail:   Even saw a fella with a sign "Wake Now, Discover" with a new painting of the world
   09/21 22:42  deadtrail:   Many groups & organizations represented at today's fabulous NYC climate march.
   09/21 21:42  Jubal_H_Seamons:      Just a little light.                Do DO! Do do doo!.....  
   09/21 21:41  Jubal_H_Seamons:    So gimme! Gimme gimme gimme just some mother *censored* sweetness, yeah!!......
   09/21 20:48  Jubal_H_Seamons:       JUST A LITTLE LIGHT!    
   09/21 20:46  Jubal_H_Seamons:     ...do do doo doo do do doo doo do do doo....  
   09/21 20:45  Jubal_H_Seamons:    ...do do doo doo do do doo doo do do doo

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