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   07/28 20:58  seaweed1010:   10-4-81 S>F is a hidden gem. Scarlet solo is sick. Transition is way stoney
   07/28 20:20  arfarf:   anyone who wishes to help seed the DSO show posted here yesterday at bt.etree today, hop on!
   07/28 17:34  owsleyiii:   have a grate/great day aLL  
   07/28 17:33  owsleyiii:    Flight of the Bumble Bee during Fire      
   07/28 17:32  owsleyiii:   seaweed1010 shouted yesterday that's his fav Scar> Fire and had to give it a try    
   07/28 17:29  owsleyiii:   listening to Scarlet> Fire 10/4/81 Rainbow Theatre
   07/28 15:21  eddiegeeeee:   always been surprised the full 7/28/1973 soundboard hasn't surfaced
   07/28 15:12  US Blues:   28 July 1973- Watkin's Glen, largest show ever  
   07/28 14:48  eyeball:   %bob marley%
   07/28 13:53  JohnOO:   Got an email, the Dave's Picks is posted!  
   07/28 11:10  deaded:   I know these rails we're on like I know my lady's smile
   07/28 07:22  gyro:   Yeah the misc images thread looks good, thanks pd and others...  
   07/28 06:39  wharfratjoe:   i have the parachute bear shirt
   07/28 06:37  poordevil:   I have MORE
   07/28 06:36  poordevil:   some 30 new GD images loaded today in the image misc thread, a few of the stickers I have
   07/28 06:35  wharfratjoe:   i will send you a bunch of hard drives some day to fill  
   07/28 06:35  wharfratjoe:   rock on Jeff!
   07/28 05:18  jmitchell:   2 more sources before we break into 1997
   07/28 04:57  wharfratjoe:   FOB Phorum sources sound sweet!
   07/28 04:44  greendude:   
   07/28 04:43  tHepCat:   99 44/100%
   07/28 04:43  greendude:   10%
   07/28 04:41  :   6.5%  
   07/28 04:12  toastdoob:   they must have been fiLLed quick - I see a GD show that I can't help you with
   07/28 04:05  Charlie Miller:   Looking for seeders on a bunch of jerry shows. Please look at my seeders wanted page. thanks!!
   07/28 03:47  Jubal_H_Seamons:   Goin' for the gold! Upslope Limited Release Thai Style White IPA.
   07/28 03:28  jaz:   
   07/28 02:43  arfarf:   gems and JAZ pull of last night's DSO show now up - aLL thanks to the tapers!  
   07/28 02:23  budz4ticketz:   It was nice to see Rob Eaton was right down in front the other night watching his band mates rip it up!
   07/28 02:21  budz4ticketz:   I'm always impressed with DSO when i see them! I love their devotion!
   07/28 02:19  walstib68:   Now my head is aLL disconbooberated!!!  
   07/28 02:19  walstib68:   Dear Prudence>Deal>midnight Moonlight 2-11-81    
   07/28 01:53  gems:   muchas Garcias
   07/28 01:52  arfarf:   @gems, I'm on it, thanks
   07/28 01:24  rockinws:   there are 5 seeders.....hop on !
   07/28 01:08  gems:   pm sent arf, download link ready,,thanks so much  
   07/28 00:24  billtmcdee:   okay, just hit the reseed
   07/28 00:18  gems:   i rather enjoy ohr weinbergs 24 bit version
   07/28 00:15  billtmcdee:   gems whats the best version of 2 11 81 JGB?
   07/28 00:10  gems:   thanks arf, wetransfer link forthcoming in pm
   07/28 00:01  arfarf:   PM sent gems
   07/27 23:58  ShootingDarkstar:   Catching DSO this Saturday in Richmond, va
   07/27 23:51  gems:   last nights DSO show with an original Jerry Band Setlist, pretty neato
   07/27 23:50  gems:   anyone here able to see a folder for me if i give a directdownload link?  PM me please
   07/27 23:25  perry:   vacationing like a rockstar and on to NH and ME tomorrow
   07/27 23:23  perry:   what a great day.  cliff jumping Chicken Rock, rope swing, and some knee boarding
   07/27 22:36  varitek:   Nice effort, arf. Thanks for sharing
   07/27 21:43  indydarkstar:   nice arf,thanks for aLL the tunes
   07/27 21:20  Dstone5553:   Hoping someone was taping for that epic Neil tour finale in Canada 7//24/15...
   07/27 21:19  arfarf:   minor personal milestone, upload #500 here

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