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   12/01 02:13  greendude:   all the 30 Days are here already
   12/01 02:12  wolfy73:   don't you let that deal go down
   12/01 02:12  wolfy73:   get it while its hot
   12/01 02:12  wolfy73:   looks like they are having another deal on Deadbase 50.... $2.99 for the kindle.  20% off the hardcover
   12/01 00:56  david davis:   gratefulseconds . blogspot . com
   12/01 00:56  david davis:   I put up all the six 30 Days of the Dead (180+ selections) on my blog
   12/01 00:48  US Blues:   30 November 1973- First "Wall" configuration of the PA in the Boston Music Hall            
   11/30 23:49  gems:   55 Doinker Vinyl mega-restorations of bootleg LPs at LL - quite a bLLessing
   11/30 22:48  lvrwm:   I'll tell ya...that was a fine fine Dead & Co show we saw on the 28th, my 1st since Buffalo 93' Rich Stadium
   11/30 22:35  gems:   " Remember, It's Only A Memory If It's Not Recorded! " -- Thanks lvrwm
   11/30 21:59  wharfratjoe:   
   11/30 21:11  lvrwm:   Ok, was able to share the 11-28-15 D&C recording I made as a human mic stand  
   11/30 20:07  gems:     Each day is a gift.  the Present is our Now.                                                                                   is aLL
   11/30 20:03  poordevil:   ID submitted for the 25th  
   11/30 19:12  wharfratjoe:   Sweey KindRecordings source, most excellent
   11/30 19:09  wharfratjoe:   i will add the source shortly
   11/30 19:08  wharfratjoe:   he did not record the 24th i know because i spoke to him
   11/30 19:08  wharfratjoe:   ok cool!!!
   11/30 19:05  poordevil:   the 28th will be seeded here later by the taper if he gets ALA today
   11/30 19:04  poordevil:   the 25th is up at bt.etree  
   11/30 18:59  wharfratjoe:   how about at bt.etree, anyone goign to seed it there?
   11/30 18:59  wharfratjoe:   cool, tahnks PD, i knew you would have the details...lol...i am still catching up on my coffee  
   11/30 18:30  walstib68:   no problem.....and thanks for the topp off!  
   11/30 18:28  we420247:   looks like we all set  
   11/30 18:28  we420247:   thanks walstib68
   11/30 18:23  we420247:   thanks pd i grabbed it from LMA earlier
   11/30 18:19  poordevil:   his user name here is:  lvrwm    
   11/30 18:18  poordevil:   no location yet but he is a member here & will be back here later, hopefull as ALA  
   11/30 18:17  poordevil:   the taper has asked for ALA here joe so he can share his pulll here, gems has the PM's.
   11/30 18:16  poordevil:   http://www.shnflac.net/details.php?id=6f228b80639ddf91588cc04bb0401e87a51cb7b7
   11/30 18:15  poordevil:   [ur]http://www.shnflac.net/details.php?id=6f228b80639ddf91588cc04bb0401e87a51cb7b7[/url]
   11/30 18:15  poordevil:   I loaded this aud for you ^, it's a good one  
   11/30 18:11  walstib68:   @ we420247  ...I jumped on the Mr.Bill sbd for ya but looks like I need a top-off  
   11/30 18:09  we420247:   pretty sure she's down front center at Elvis' show today                 and every day now
   11/30 18:08  we420247:   thanks wharfratjoe she passed away tuesday evening but it'd been coming for couple years
   11/30 18:06  wharfratjoe:   poordevil, 11-28 source added last night, do we have a location? I know the taper posted in SB yesterday if i recall
   11/30 18:05  wharfratjoe:   we420247, sorry for your loss this weekend with your stepmother
   11/30 17:43  we420247:   looks like i'll have to poke about a bit for a SBD though
   11/30 17:42  we420247:   coulda swore I had this in my collection but not spotting it anywhere so grabbing the AUDs from LMA
   11/30 17:41  we420247:   and I decided on gd1982-04-02 which is the day my grandfater passed
   11/30 17:40  we420247:   having buried my stepmother this weekend had me looking for something to play until my brain phased
   11/30 17:34  poordevil:   The Poordevil National Future Football League     it could happen in 2024, you'll see  
   11/30 17:33  poordevil:   needs some tests games to tweek it to perfection          
   11/30 17:32  billtmcdee:   Going to buy some music today. Whats the best 2 Europe 72 shows from the set?
   11/30 17:31  poordevil:   called The PNFFL after me of course, since I invented this NEW game.  
   11/30 17:28  poordevil:   whichever play gains the most yardage, that's where the next down starts
   11/30 17:28  poordevil:   so...4 players added to both the O & the D & a wider playing field  
   11/30 17:27  poordevil:   2 plays are run at once, one qb calls the HIKE, both centers hike to 2 qb's w 1 added back & reciever
   11/30 17:25  poordevil:   I have it ALL mapped out in my head          
   11/30 17:24  poordevil:   I want to run an experiement game that uses 2 qb's & 2 balls in play + a larger field with 3 added palyers on O & D....it's future football  

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