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   10/25 06:01  tprsqrrl:   just sayin'
   10/25 05:59  tprsqrrl:   trey: you HAVE told me the story of the ghost
   10/25 05:27  RC HUGH:   Phil webcasts tonight and tomorrow.
   10/25 05:04  gyro:   Tomorrow night I'm in with Phil and Stanley Jordan. Happy.  
   10/25 04:39  Jubal_H_Seamons:   Penguin tastes pretty good!
   10/25 04:35  Jubal_H_Seamons:   Cooking black bean soup tonight with some Hatch in the penguin.
   10/25 04:22  Jubal_H_Seamons:   Nice. Bet those were Hatch peppers too. Now back to Zeppelin's Wearing and Tearing and getting elevated on one Slice of Hefen. Coda baby!      
   10/25 03:37  RC HUGH:   http://www.kvmr.org/player/ Anyone here able to record and share this set?  That would be great!                            
   10/25 03:36  thebigwoods:   it was a hit!
   10/25 03:36  RC HUGH:   Meter Men audio simulcast at 7:45 p.m. Pacific time tonight 10/24. url follows
   10/25 02:54  meanmrkite:   
   10/25 02:44  cmore:   Somebody's gettin' some
   10/25 02:08  thebigwoods:   for to greet wife with when she comes in from the office
   10/25 02:06  thebigwoods:   wow, cooking with jerry in the kitchen at sunset, korean pork BBQ and NC slaw and jalapeno poppers    Shining Star
   10/24 23:36  arfarf:   make that 1985-1991 vine, and 1992-1999 vine to close soon without sign ups
   10/24 23:35  arfarf:   also Hot Tuna 1985-1999 vine will be closed soon if no one joins
   10/24 23:31  arfarf:   near instant gratification available on the Hot Tuna 2000 - 2007 vine, sign up now!
   10/24 22:36  tensjed:   4-4-90 Candyman from the TOO box        
   10/24 20:30  wharfratjoe:   i fixed it, seeding at etree, uploading here now. if someone wants to get shnid's that would be great
   10/24 19:48  johanfex:   more than unknown ( in various languages ) or track 01 etc ..........    
   10/24 19:47  johanfex:   but with others .... I like taggs or tracks with song title ....... no fun having a long play list with nothing
   10/24 19:45  johanfex:   with GD I don't care ....... I kind of like not knowing which song comes next  like being at a show you have to listen up
   10/24 19:40  wharfratjoe:   i manually updated that for each track and bingo it worked. never had to do that before.
   10/24 19:37  wharfratjoe:   yeah the filename section shows 01 for all of them, i ran into this before. damn i like tagging files
   10/24 19:34  wharfratjoe:   txt file looks ok, maybe i am missing something. will compare again and then y'all just get venue info and the track names from the file names
   10/24 19:18  johanfex:   but then again there is an imense lack of standard outside GD when it comes to circulating shows
   10/24 19:17  johanfex:   has happened to me .....  ..... I stopped tagging after that  it's probaly the tt file which isn't according to some standards
   10/24 18:47  wharfratjoe:   one m,iore cup of coffee and and then i am seeding 24 and 16bit
   10/24 18:47  wharfratjoe:   this is the only item halting with seeding CRB 2014-10-16 show from Arkansas
   10/24 18:46  wharfratjoe:   so frustrating, the friggin' text file is fine.
   10/24 18:46  wharfratjoe:   anyone run into a issue with live show tagger showing all tracks as track 1 but they are cleary different.
   10/24 18:33  wharfratjoe:   well 1st Phish show since Hollywood Bowl last August...psyched!
   10/24 18:31  wharfratjoe:   morning LL
   10/24 17:51  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers
   10/24 15:45  indydarkstar:    DARKSTAR    
   10/24 15:40  jaz:   I would slave to learn the way to sink your ship of fools !
   10/24 15:33  owsleyiii:   Good Morning to aLL
   10/24 14:55  indydarkstar:   good morning LL'ers
   10/24 14:37  goother:   know the company,why you want to work for them.A lot depends on the interviewer.Luck of draw.Nice or doofus.Just show them your photog portfolio.HIRED
   10/24 14:33  goother:   big woods,I was a headhunter for 15 yrs,be prepared,be yourself,relax,it's going to go how it goes,it is a nerve wracking situation
   10/24 14:15  US Blues:   24 October: 1970; 1971; 1972      
   10/24 13:03  johanfex:   godd luck  
   10/24 12:49  thebigwoods:   starting to do this 3 days ahead gives a sense of the anxiety I feel., on sa daily basis
   10/24 12:47  thebigwoods:   I'm a skeptic when it comess to such things, but I want to be proved wrong in that and so ask for good vibes.
   10/24 12:46  thebigwoods:   Anxiety while facing acadenic scrutiny is my issue, not the quality ofmy work.  Academic politics is a b*tch.
   10/24 12:45  thebigwoods:   A shout in the wee hours, so to remain humble.  I'm preparing for my first profession job interview in years, on Monday.  
   10/24 06:38  chris ward:   RE: 3-6-92 SBD, please Augustwest420, try to get that one out!!!!!
   10/24 04:46  Jubal_H_Seamons:   â¦cuz of the low lightâ¦..
   10/24 04:01  Jubal_H_Seamons:   Fun fact - none of the Woodstock film/audio was slated, so everything was synced by eye and ear, hence the trouble Scorsese had with the GD editing.
   10/24 04:00  deadtrail:   He produced and directed the Boardwalk Empire pilot and that went on to be a great series

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