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   04/21 17:00  gdry:   i better stop posting and get to work... sorry  i know this isnt a chat window!
   04/21 16:58  gdry:   I find great pleasure in finding errors in the setlists of deadbase!
   04/21 16:58  gdry:   and thanks to all the great music we have been blessed with in the past 20 years...
   04/21 16:56  gdry:   so it looks like my stinky and tatered copy is here to stay.
   04/21 16:54  gdry:   I even went looking on the second hand market for a new one.... and they go for a couple hundred bucks!
   04/21 16:50  gdry:   heck, I would buy 2 deadbases... one to keep in good shape and the other to mark up with shn id's and source information
   04/21 16:48  gdry:   i dont want digital deadbases.... i was fine in regards to setlists without the internet.
   04/21 16:47  gdry:   They would make a bundle if they finally reprinted the thing.
   04/21 16:46  gdry:   I know its time to go grocery shopping when the only thing in the freezer is the deadbase and icecubes
   04/21 16:42  seaweed1010:   Refuse to look up setlists online. Deadbase comforts me back to the days of yore  
   04/21 16:39  seaweed1010:   My Deadbase IX is falling apart and held together by a lot of tape but I still love it!
   04/21 16:32  waterman:   I have a digital copy of deadbase. Goes to 1995 and it doesn't smell.
   04/21 16:21  US Blues:   deadbase or the patchouli oil?  
   04/21 15:57  gdry:   I store it in my freezer at times to mellow it out.
   04/21 15:52  gdry:   i dont like that stuff... it smells like cigarettes.... and I havent smoked in 20 years!
   04/21 15:51  US Blues:   that odor is likely patchouli oil  
   04/21 15:49  gdry:   lexington that is.
   04/21 15:48  gdry:   double encore in louisville too... i can picture the tapestry tapes j card on my copy of that one.
   04/21 15:40  gdry:   see... even though the deadbase has developed an odor, it still works.
   04/21 15:39  gdry:   or in other words, 3 playins, a dark star and a foxey lady jam.
   04/21 15:37  US Blues:   21 April: 1969; 1971; 1972; 1978        
   04/21 15:35  gdry:   i was doing just fine before this internet stuff.
   04/21 15:31  gdry:   it goes to 12/17/92 actually... which makes sense with me cause the rest is easy to forget!
   04/21 15:29  gdry:   my newest copy goes to 94... im ok with that, but its starting to smell and fall apart.
   04/21 15:28  gdry:   i need a new copy of deadbase.
   04/21 05:47  budz4ticketz:    Have a grateful 420!
   04/21 05:46  budz4ticketz:    bong:
   04/21 04:37  indydarkstar:   http://mixlr.com/leftover-salmon/     FESSSTIVALLL 420 style  
   04/21 04:27  toastdoob:   look on the bright side, you won't get bombarded by reseed requests!  
   04/21 04:27  indydarkstar:   at least 1,maybe 2 emails are sent to the email address listed when you join before pruning for no activity
   04/21 04:10  photonboy:   Just checked, I'm still good there..
   04/21 04:09  toastdoob:   you have to visit to get the new time period
   04/21 04:09  toastdoob:   BTW, about a month ago, DIME changed the inactivity timer from 180 to 360 days
   04/21 04:09  photonboy:   Well, at least my new start date is 4/20!
   04/21 04:07  toastdoob:   We tune because we care!
   04/21 04:07  photonboy:   Bummer.  10 years of PMs, record of every show I've downloaded, all gone?  I got no warning email, just wiped and yer outta here?  Sucks.
   04/21 04:07  toastdoob:   We share because we care (tm)
   04/21 04:05  toastdoob:   so grab the 3 ratdogs I brought back and enjoy
   04/21 04:04  toastdoob:   I'm sure deleted for inactivity means deleted and there is nothing to recover. sorry for that. no ratios here
   04/21 04:03  photonboy:   I'd like to recover my old PMs, ratio, etc.  Cannot find any way to contact mods.  Anyone know how to reach someone in charge?
   04/21 04:00  photonboy:   For some reason I had to create a new account after over ten years being a member.  Wassup with that?
   04/21 03:36  toastdoob:   (day 3 of the RD reseeds)
   04/21 03:35  toastdoob:   the bus came by & I got on there was driver Neil at the wheel of the bus to never never land
   04/21 03:15  feelingextra:   ready for panic
   04/21 03:15  feelingextra:   weEEEEEEEEEE
   04/21 02:30  laptaper:   Also The Congress, who opened for them.
   04/21 02:30  laptaper:    Come 'n' gEEEEEEEEEEEt iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
   04/21 02:29  laptaper:   It s
   04/21 02:28  laptaper:   Tedeschi Trucks 4/18/15 now on LMA.  See "Recent uploads to archive.org" thread for details.
   04/20 23:44  toastdoob:   Media Player Classic don't SHN so I had to use TLH to FLAC them.

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