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   08/20 15:44  US Blues:   20 August: 1968- Greek Theatre; 1972- San Jose Civic Aud                
   08/20 14:01  we420247:   A-aaaaaaaaaaahhh      finally back from the Cumberland Mine
   08/20 08:39  wharfratjoe:   thx   ..speaking of GG, i have a show from 8-8-2014 i need to work on
   08/20 08:31  frazer:   you always get a nice , clean , & very distinctive sound with those busman's    always a pleasure to listen..
   08/20 08:22  frazer:   from all i've heard , i think some of your aud pulls , say a GG show , could sound pretty darned spectacular as a mtx . Maybe one day , huh?    
   08/20 08:13  frazer:   busy busy , joe....yeah , i heard MTX'ing is pretty tricky...bet you get it sussed-out soon..Thx 4 aLL you do    looking forward  
   08/20 08:09  wharfratjoe:   now to do the higgs from friday night and then finish quactus
   08/20 08:08  wharfratjoe:   so went the easier route  
   08/20 08:08  wharfratjoe:   i was trying to do a matrix of it and i just couldnt get the phasing issue to go away with the aud and brd sources. pita actually
   08/20 08:07  wharfratjoe:   board with some audience patches...done...finally
   08/20 08:07  wharfratjoe:   stopped working on it, needed to get a brothers gow show completed for the band for video. 6-7-2014 montana
   08/20 06:25  frazer:   
   08/20 06:24  Jubal_H_Seamons:   Roasting.............marathon.......    
   08/20 06:20  frazer:   hey now there , wrj ! how's the new Quactus show coming along ? & a good evening to you there , Mr.Seamons  
   08/20 06:19  Jubal_H_Seamons:   Time to bust out........the penguins.......    
   08/20 06:19  Jubal_H_Seamons:   25 pounds....of Hatch.......chiles........Hatch.......ice cream.........  
   08/20 06:15  wharfratjoe:   hey now
   08/20 06:03  frazer:    cool ! (or rather , hot !) gotta be better'n 20lbs of headlines stapled to ones chest    
   08/20 05:58  thebigwoods:   got 25lbs of Hatch chilis today..... having a roasting marathon tonite....Hatch ice cream is in sight
   08/20 05:49  frazer:   guess there's no harm in posting that Direct Link here..just to make it easier 4 any foLLks    
   08/20 05:39  frazer:    & heLLo to you too , voopa !  
   08/20 05:38  frazer:   in "comments" section , tunic has added a cool direct link to nyctapers site , so you can grab it there & not dent your share ratio..  
   08/20 05:36  frazer:   to LL Sonic Youth fans; a show was added yest. on Dime , from the 8/12/2011 Brooklyn show...  
   08/20 04:57  voopa:   Hi!
   08/20 04:53  frazer:    ...& i think i'm faLLin' in l.o.v.e , y'aLL !   but i'm c0nflicted , coz I know it just ain't right or wise...    ..  
   08/20 04:43  sunshinedavedream:   Nice to see some of Lance Deal's Schoeps FOBs surfacing over on etree
   08/20 04:40  frazer:   I've got my new secretary on the job here now . Cathy (folder lister .exe) !!   She's the best thing since sliced-bread , I reckon  
   08/20 03:27  we420247:   
   08/20 03:27  we420247:   weeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEe333333333333333eeeeeeeeeeeee
   08/20 02:33  jaz:   Dr. Dog this weekend at the Woodchuck Cidery in VT!!! Any LL folks going by chance ?
   08/20 01:45  thebigwoods:   OK, thanks much frazer
   08/20 01:44  frazer:   it's still on pb page , yes
   08/20 01:41  thebigwoods:   thx, OK close that window and click the link once more ... image still embedded???
   08/20 01:40  frazer:   that'd be the embedded in a photobucket page option...yep  
   08/20 01:38  thebigwoods:   http://i1350.photobucket.com/albums/p780/tbw_coverart/deadstuff/othersArt/shevachaya_rezup1600y.jpg~original
   08/20 01:37  thebigwoods:   [img]http://i1350.photobucket.com/albums/p780/tbw_coverart/deadstuff/othersArt/shevachaya_rezup1600y.jpg~original[/url]
   08/20 01:37  thebigwoods:   or an image embedded in a photobucket page -- its a large version of the Jerry image down below
   08/20 01:36  thebigwoods:   would someone be kind enough to open this link and tell me whether you get just an image
   08/20 01:08  wharfratjoe:   bsc1-31(hypers)+h4n
   08/20 01:07  wharfratjoe:   sneak peak from Quactus set 1 08-16-2014 - https://copy.com/xASiTCaQ8hkHh0lu  
   08/20 00:41  keo72467:    the 11-8-99 is a new source that was stealthed-Not nakguy's  
   08/20 00:39  keo72467:   I will seed both and grab text and checksums from etree before adding here and fix the 11-8-99 date in text too
   08/20 00:38  keo72467:   just talked to my friend where source came from and confirms not nakguy's so new source with cut down 701s
   08/20 00:37  keo72467:   @ Sweet Music Maker, I have a new source for this date 7-29 and wanted all to compare the two
   08/20 00:36  poordevil:   I would dnl the .txt & the checksums from the db & use them. Will be a correct match with all.
   08/20 00:36  keo72467:   Thanks all.
   08/20 00:29  sweet_music_maker:   great guy and has been taping for P&F, furthur for over a decade.
   08/20 00:28  poordevil:   flac-md5 & ffp on file at the db - that's what you use
   08/20 00:28  sweet_music_maker:   if you can not find it PM me and I have emailed him before and taped right next to him...
   08/20 00:28  sweet_music_maker:   dat...he use to run nak's...you should email him...his email is at etree.

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