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   09/30 09:05  wharfratjoe:   Working on a updated taping policy for GrooveSession  
   09/30 08:56  gyro:   Indy - I wish I had an outdoor antenna that worked...  
   09/30 08:53  wharfratjoe:   jamesbender CHEERS on the Earls Court Uploads!!!
   09/30 08:03  humboldt1:   jenny jenkins killler tune not for kids only album way good stuff
   09/30 07:25  indydarkstar:   I dont really watch tv but my outdoor antenna has a better picture than comcast  
   09/30 07:04  toastdoob:   it's clearer then the Comcast DTV I use to watch the ballgames
   09/30 07:03  toastdoob:   now watching the Bob Weir .ts stream I downloaded ~ HDMI output from laptop to 32" TV
   09/30 06:57  toastdoob:   another win  
   09/30 06:15  humboldt1:   pamphlets
   09/30 06:14  humboldt1:   some dragon lotion and  tacky little packets in the bottom draw
   09/30 06:14  toastdoob:   where's the beef? between Wendy's buns
   09/30 05:54  mr.lemonska:   she found the uncle meat there
   09/30 05:53  johanfex:   was it there she found the meat
   09/30 05:53  Mydland_Years:   Or a meat dress , however you want to call it ....  
   09/30 05:50  mr.lemonska:   she recently bought frank zappa's house
   09/30 05:50  Mydland_Years:   That's because Madonna never wore a meat suit ...
   09/30 05:28  johanfex:   better taste than Madonna  
   09/30 05:17  copperdomebodhi:   Lady Gaga: Deadhead.
   09/30 05:16  copperdomebodhi:   Gratefulloiters-Malibu.html target=_blank>Lady Gaga: Deadhead
   09/30 05:11  toastdoob:   Crosyby & Nash [url]http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=588966[url]
   09/30 05:07  poordevil:   I like the Keepsake boxes myself & Notehead on the Moon is my favorite image (of the 8 total)
   09/30 05:05  poordevil:   in that section there are 49 products with 8 different Notehead images on them.
   09/30 05:01  poordevil:   http://www.cafepress.com/shnflac/13792199  thank you for looking      
   09/30 05:01  poordevil:   please take a look at the Notehead "Home Goods" section of the shnflac Cafepress account ^
   09/30 04:27  Brad125:   34 Big Papi  love: at Yankee Stadium tonight  
   09/30 04:14  wolfy73:   I see a bunch of inactive shows now (status "all".  But, nothing too current.
   09/30 04:08  wolfy73:   Why so few shows here?
   09/30 04:08  wolfy73:   Is there a site with live David Crosby shows?  He does not appear on the "not acceptable to Upload" list
   09/30 03:21  stuccoholmes:   I thought you were trying to rhyme with toast...
   09/30 01:46  johanfex:   that's a start  
   09/30 01:35  toastdoob:   I found an extra A  
   09/30 01:32  toastdoob:   if only I could find the loast and found....
   09/30 01:03  seaweed1010:   9-29-89 Last Stranger>Franklins
   09/30 00:59  seaweed1010:   to Jerry's mothers passing 19yrs earlier almost to the day 9-28-70
   09/30 00:59  seaweed1010:   Definitely a WOW moment Death Don't 9-29-89. Always wondered if it was tied at all
   09/30 00:42  johanfex:   well I got stuck knee deep in the delta , way back  
   09/30 00:22  stuccoholmes:   I give up, I've had enough, followed my blues on down to the gulf...
   09/29 23:58  johanfex:   anyone lost 75 kg hashish in Copenhagen's Opera House ???? Can be retrieved at the lost and found at the police headquarter
   09/29 23:22  toastdoob:   so I'm not the only one that enjoys cannabis cocktails  
   09/29 23:09  gofredgo:   Ain't no bugs on me!
   09/29 22:27  david davis:   I just noticed LL users go from 10,000 to 10,001 good job guys!
   09/29 22:07  dgeisler:   grape escape and chem-dawg here!
   09/29 21:45  garageboy:   
   09/29 20:10  gems:   oh the naming, todays morning was blackberry spacewreck flowers topped with rooster cookie crumble and east african dark roast
   09/29 19:56  toastdoob:    almost ready
   09/29 19:47  johanfex:   Hoboken      
   09/29 19:31  gems:                                                                                                                         
   09/29 18:19  johanfex:   speaking of coffee ,https://www.instagram.com/p/BEaNflZS59z/  coffee in a cone      
   09/29 17:27  walstib68:   Happy National Coffee Day foLLks!                                              
   09/29 16:50  stuccoholmes:   Get tired of travelin' and you want to settle down...

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