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   04/30 06:49  jsullivan:   flashbacks of brooks robinson...
   04/30 05:51  tHepCat:   I believe Jim Palmer pitched a hell of a game if I remember correctly
   04/30 05:50  tHepCat:   August '76 last time I was in Memorial Stadium - in Balmer for Grandpops funeral
   04/30 05:17  seaweed1010:   Orioles. Many a game at Memorial Stadium. Colts too. Was at WS Game 6 '79  
   04/30 04:33  toastdoob:   BTW, I have birth anniversaries ~ even my mom is glad I was only born once  
   04/30 04:31  toastdoob:   orioles ~ you can speLL it when you've been to memorial stadium!   did 420 in the upper deck
   04/30 04:30  perry:       I missed my 10 year  
   04/30 04:19  indydarkstar:   ludes knocked me out every time eventually,I prefer up with cid
   04/30 03:44  Rob Berger:   happy unbirthday norm - hey it's both the drummers' unbirthday's too
   04/30 02:52  norm:   my 10 year unbitrhday here at LL, LL were everyday feels like it's your birthday....PEACE
   04/30 02:31  humboldt1:   the oriels did a good number on the sox last night thats for sure
   04/30 02:12  billymack7:   Amen!
   04/30 02:10  coopertown:   i found that out after hitting a telephone pole
   04/30 02:08  toastdoob:   "People on ludes should not drive!" -Spicoli
   04/30 02:07  toastdoob:   714!
   04/30 01:56  arfarf:   I don't remember anybody selling pudding pops on shakedown street  
   04/30 01:54  toastdoob:   [size=3]714!
   04/30 01:53  dgeisler:   I didn't know Bill Cosby was a dead head
   04/30 01:43  coopertown:   which in a lot of cases led to love in one way or another
   04/30 01:42  coopertown:   actually the best drug is/was Quaaludes  
   04/30 01:33  seremetcc:   Thanks, shulls
   04/30 01:30  dgeisler:   Sour D, Grape Glue and Golden Skunk
   04/30 01:03  seaweed1010:   Chemdawg, Platinum OG and Bruce Wayne = a great weekend
   04/29 23:46  toastdoob:   mmmmm... tasty cured flowers  
   04/29 23:07  deadatty:   I paid extra for 1-2 day shipping and i got it way early
   04/29 23:07  deadatty:   I got my DP 18 yesterday, it sounds like a great upgrade from what we had
   04/29 22:30  copperdomebodhi:   JMitchell: DaP18 doesn't release until this Sunday, May 1
   04/29 22:07  G-squared:   would someone be so kind as to bring the Lindley here..or is he not ok here?
   04/29 22:03  G-squared:   i think mt DAD account was deleted and i am sure that i have visited the site in the last year...
   04/29 21:46  indydarkstar:   congrats and amen
   04/29 21:38  dgeisler:   but I do love my THC!!!! can I get an Amen?!?!
   04/29 21:38  dgeisler:   love truly is the best drug of 'em all
   04/29 21:36  wharfratjoe:   congrats!  
   04/29 21:32  dgeisler:   9 years today with my "Special Lady Friend"-wife.  Still in love  
   04/29 21:15  wharfratjoe:   onstage + board recordings are welcome with them  
   04/29 21:14  wharfratjoe:   If anyone is in or not far from Oswego, NY The Higgs are playing tonight, tommorw and May 1st @ The Brick Bar  
   04/29 20:53  shulls:   Chris, we're an hour or so from Sellersville. It's one of those places that there isn't a real direct way to get there!
   04/29 20:51  shulls:   Chris, Baltimore is about 3 hours from Sellersville, I'd guess. It's 100 miles from here [Wyomissing] to Baltimore
   04/29 20:50  wharfratjoe:   and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m92FGd4tAhY
   04/29 20:49  wharfratjoe:   check here: http://www.shnflac.net/deadsources.php?year=1987
   04/29 20:49  wharfratjoe:   great show!
   04/29 20:45  pcmahler:   Does anyone have a crisp sounding show of 7.24.87? I had View from the Vault at one point, but its lost?
   04/29 20:35  wharfratjoe:   cool  seremetcc!
   04/29 20:08  seremetcc:   Recorded New MAstersounds last Fri in Burlington but can't get to the files right now.
   04/29 20:07  seremetcc:   Got my shipping notice as well!!
   04/29 19:30  jmitchell:   anyone gotten DP 18 yet?  just got my shipping notification
   04/29 19:16  wharfratjoe:   Oh man i really need to try see/record new mastersounds
   04/29 18:59  wharfratjoe:   hey norm, Cheers to 10 at LL!
   04/29 18:59  wharfratjoe:   sounds great!
   04/29 18:59  wharfratjoe:   New Mastersounds at Brooklyn Bowl whoo hoo! http://tinyurl.com/ha9xhjl

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