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   01/31 16:09  US Blues:   31 January 1978- Chicago      
   01/31 16:01  Piles70:   There are less than 100 copies left on Dead.net. They could've been selling this many DP's the whole time.  
   01/31 16:00  Piles70:   I wonder if TPTB are kicking themselves in the arse yet. The extra 2500 copies roughly comes out to an extra $300,000.
   01/31 15:52  goother:   with the new beta thing and design changes it may be making older browser gack.Some of those errors you got were unusual
   01/31 15:50  goother:   caf, xp and w2k aren't that different and my lappy is working.It could be the ancient browser though,what are ya using?
   01/31 15:17  tprsqrrl:   maybe it's a reflection on that cover art...
   01/31 14:59  craigh:   little surprised was still able to order the latest daves pick a week after it was up not te quick sellout
   01/31 07:19  caf:   Maybe archive also no longer supprots Windows 2000
   01/31 07:19  caf:   I had no luck when using an old desktop running Windows 2000
   01/31 07:19  caf:   archive.org works fine with laptop running Windows 8.
   01/31 06:12  wharfratjoe:   LL will be represented next friday at long beach (not going saturday - WTFB show)
   01/31 06:11  wharfratjoe:   Cool Asa and gyro
   01/31 06:11  wharfratjoe:   Golden Gate Wingmen: 9pm pacific http://mixlr.com/rippleish20/
   01/31 05:06  jsullivan:   Layer Cake Garnacha 2011
   01/31 04:41  Jubal_H_Seamons:     Tres Picos Borsao Garnacha, 2012. Goin' for the gold.      
   01/31 04:12  jsullivan:   I hope the crowd listens.
   01/31 04:02  gyro:   Could be time for Mr. Weir to sit in on a few numbers.
   01/31 03:59  gyro:   I'll be there.
   01/31 03:45  Asa:   Gyro n I will be representing LL tonight at GG Wingmen.  
   01/31 03:44  Jubal_H_Seamons:      Pre-whoo era - Vultures.
   01/31 03:29  wharfratjoe:   http://www.ustream.tv/channel/eight2theuniverse (possible)
   01/31 03:29  wharfratjoe:   ~1/30 - Sweetwater (Mill Valley):  http://mixlr.com/rippleish20 (probable)
   01/31 03:28  wharfratjoe:   ggw stream(s) tonight
   01/31 03:28  Jubal_H_Seamons:        7/2/10
   01/31 03:25  Jubal_H_Seamons:        Mexican cousin again!        
   01/31 03:18  arfarf:   guitars101 has some Carpenters, all lossy, and who knows if the file sharing service links are good
   01/31 03:14  wharfratjoe:   Signals (rush tribute w/ Cubensis to night in Long Beach
   01/31 03:13  arfarf:   I've seen some somewhere, but not recently
   01/31 03:10  arfarf:   union hall?
   01/31 03:02  sunshinedavedream:   anyone know where to score some live Carpenters?
   01/31 01:41  Conrad57:   Yes that's the one thanks!  
   01/31 01:36  pythagoras:   archive.org is working fine
   01/31 01:11  walstib68:   Very heady!!        
   01/31 01:08  walstib68:   This one? >> https://archive.org/details/MG2014-11-16.MagicGravy2014-11-16.flac16
   01/31 01:03  Conrad57:   It was a link to a site where you could stream the show.
   01/31 00:20  Conrad57:   I think it was a jam band and was just four tracks, one of them being 'don't think twice' - anyone got the link?
   01/31 00:20  Conrad57:   Someone posted a link to a show in the SB within the past couple days, can't remember band/venue
   01/30 23:15  goother:   arf's link to archive worked fine just now for me. Also went to archive from an old bookmark and it worked fine too.Maybe clear temp I-net files caf?
   01/30 23:02  arfarf:   yeah, right now both bt and db.etree are all whackadoodle for me, sorry to get so technical
   01/30 22:57  frazer:   Thx for the link to Hunter's 5/8/'81 Evanston show , and another new Mason..Yes , an LL 'team effort' , so thank you aLL !  
   01/30 22:52  arfarf:   archive is rolling out a "beta" version, that might be part of the issue
   01/30 22:48  arfarf:   https://archive.org/details/rh1981-05-08.100856.sbd.flac16
   01/30 22:48  caf:   I'll get the show here - still can't access archive though
   01/30 22:48  arfarf:   and here's a link to it's page at the archive, if that helps:
   01/30 22:48  caf:   Thanks!
   01/30 22:47  caf:   The etree database listed archive.org as having it but I can't access the link or even the archive.org home page.
   01/30 22:46  caf:   Isearched for shnid 100856 here and bt.etree.org and found nothing last night.
   01/30 22:46  arfarf:   http://www.shnflac.net/details.php?id=4dd408bdc6c80df2fdfec51ea48739180b74d32b
   01/30 22:46  arfarf:   Her's the link to it here, has a couple of seeders on it:
   01/30 22:44  arfarf:   as I discovered last night trying to reseed it

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