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File Name:GD90-12-30 set2a disc2of3.DVD      076dc27138d835b98c6cebe220b5b054268a3fc6
Added:05/04/15 - 03:31:57 - - 4.32 GB
Details:Grateful Dead   DVD Dead   DVD - Video   etree --
Staff Comment:bumped for vid project - originally seeded 04/17/09
Description:Grateful Dead
Oakland Coliseum
Oakland, Ca


set 1 (cont.)
Tennessee Jed
Valley Road
set 2a
Mississippi Half-Step
Looks Like Rain
Crazy Fingers
Playin' in the Band

all 3 dvds
8,000 kb/s,720x480,ntsc,4:3

video by: JY-Black Hills, SD
props: wyotaper2
authored by: BigWuRocks
8mm masters>canopus advc-100>firewire>vegas6>Architect>DVD5

1.5 Mbs

Jerry Garcia - Guitar
Bob Weir - Guitar
Phil Lesh - Bass
Vince Welnick - Keys
Bruce Hornsby - Piano, Achordion
Bill Kreutzman - Drums
Mickey Hart - Drums

d40987ee1743681efa0a6161e70700b2 *VIDEO_TSVIDEO_TS.BUP
d40987ee1743681efa0a6161e70700b2 *VIDEO_TSVIDEO_TS.IFO
42572d0bb252ae05c0dbdecc52d1bebd *VIDEO_TSVIDEO_TS.VOB
9b9ab239e608c9eed24d22763f4bd6c0 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_0.BUP
9b9ab239e608c9eed24d22763f4bd6c0 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_0.IFO
a7fcbc5ccd5406011b17b679ec5d7963 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_0.VOB
53661baae28894ee2ef513e5d518da90 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_1.VOB
e14e12b84e1ff17f002e16874d8ef30b *VIDEO_TSVTS_02_0.BUP
e14e12b84e1ff17f002e16874d8ef30b *VIDEO_TSVTS_02_0.IFO
3a30f3e10c48075683cdbdb60c807f4d *VIDEO_TSVTS_02_1.VOB
69619cba4e9e691178f341599c70715a *VIDEO_TSVTS_02_2.VOB
77d6dd2b298653414368f5af9a51a23e *VIDEO_TSVTS_02_3.VOB
d09ab59a2a39f81985cb79cc00dd4957 *VIDEO_TSVTS_02_4.VOB
e2728c465d6649db0b5cb6a39abc4a95 *VIDEO_TSVTS_02_5.VOB
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