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File Name:jg1987-12-04.jgb.acoustic.100115.flac16      530999d13878ced145788e5a29f7bf9ca2f665f9
Added:03/30/15 - 10:27:38 - mvernon54 - 269.38 MB
Details:Jerry Garcia Band   JGB 1987   Flac 16   etree   etree-md5   etree-txt   etree-cmt   base --
Staff Comment:E - Bumped For JG 1987 Revisit, Originally Added 10-27-09
Description:Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
December 4, 1987
Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA USA

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Deep Elum Blues
Spike Driver Blues
All Around this World
Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail
Oh the Wind and Rain
Gone Home
If I Lose
Ragged But Right

Jerry Garcia (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals)
John Kahn (Acoustic Bass)
David Nelson (Acoustic Guitar)
Sandy Rothman (Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro)
David Kemper (Drums)
Leroy Mack joins on dobro on Gone Home

Artwork for this and another show:

http://deadtrader.org/trade/trade_lists/txt_files/jerry/80's/87/87-12-04jgb.txt says that the Jerry Garcia Band played a second set but (a) I don’t have that set and (b) the notes on the recording listed here do not match what I hear on the audio disc that serves as the master for me.

There is enough evidence for me to suggest that there are two tapes of this show in existence.  The one being torrented here is the first set by the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, without the second set.  There are claims that this is a soundboard, which is entirely possible but I wouldn’t trust my ears to such a determination.  The tape of the entire show was not a soundboard.

Interestingly enough, I can find no record that this has been on DIME before.  Of course, no evidence doesn’t mean much, thanks to Yahoo’s continually emptying their archive of the BOT message list.  I got this in trade many years ago.

AUDIO Disc to hard drive via EAC.  WAV to FLAC via TLH.  

Uploaded to DIME by fshurrat in March of 2009

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