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File Name:md1948-XX-XX.aud.LL99.flac16      759f56cce415e12fb324267f3f0b2cd292bd993d
Added:09/13/07 - 05:54:15 - - 159.13 MB
Details:Miles Davis   Miles 46-59   Flac 16   etree   mileslist --
Description:Dizzy Gillespie Big Band (W/ Miles Davis)
Pershing Ballroom
Chicago, Illinois

Project ID - LL99

Source: Aud
Lineage: Audience recording > ?? > Philology Volume 13 (W 843), Volume 41 (W 872) >
ripped with soundforge > ?? > cd (Peter Losin's Archive) >
cd duplicated (burner to burner) > eac > flac ( lvl 8 )

J.B. "Dizzy" Gillespie (tpt, leader); Miles Davis (tpt); Dave Burns (tpt);
Willie Cook (tpt); Elmon Wright (tpt); Jesse Tarrant (tb); Andy Duryea (tb);
Charlie Parker (as); John Brown (as); Ernie Henry (as); Joe Gayles (ts);
James Moody (ts); Cecil Payne (bs); James Foreman, Jr. (p); Nelson Boyd (b);
Teddy Stewart (d); Chano Pozo (cga)

disc 1

d1t01. Yesterdays
d1t02. 'Round Midnight
d1t03. Algo Bueno
d1t04. Manteca
d1t05. Ool Ya Koo
d1t06. Lover Man
d1t07. Good Bait
d1t08. Good Bait
d1t09. Unknown Title
d1t10. All the Things You Are
d1t11. Ornithology
d1t12. Groovin' High
d1t13. Ool Ya Koo
d1t14. I Can't Get Started
d1t15. Don't Blame Me
d1t16. Cool Breeze
d1t17. Things to Come
d1t18. Oo Bop Sh'Bam
d1t19. A Night in Tunisia
d1t20. What is This Thing Called Love?
d1t21. Half Nelson



- * ALL tracks are fragmented.

- This recording is very lacking in sound quality. The sound, when audible over
the flaws, is very muffled and distorted. If you take the time to concentrate through
the flaws, this sounds as though it was a fantastic show. I would have to mark this for
very enthusiastic completists only.

- Thanks to Peter Losin for the source!

- "In the notes to Philology W 843 Robert Bregman claims that "Miles was on the bill
[this] night but our tapes do not have him and Bird together." Philology W 843 gives
"possibly August or Fall, 1948" as the date for this session. This raises difficulties,
however, since Davis (as a member of the Parker Quintet) was booked in various New York
venues throughout July, spent the month of August rehearsing his Nonet, and spent most
of September in the Royal Roost with both groups. All of this is well documented on
recordings. And by December Parker was back at the Roost for a four month gig that
extended through March 1949. Despite these difficulties, Ken Vail (Bird's Diary)
places the Pershing Hotel Gillespie Big Band show on September 26. He makes no mention
of Davis."- Credit to Peter Losin,http://www.plosin.com/

- "A Davis-like trumpet is certainly present on the three titles indicated; it's hard
to tell whether he plays on the rest of the titles. And given the schedule alluded to
above, I'm very skeptical that Davis is present at all." - Credit to Peter Losin,

- "There is also a Parker quintet item ("Groovin' High," 1:21) usually placed at
the Pershing on or around this date. There's no trumpet solo on this fragment,
so it's impossible to tell if Davis is present. My guess is that he's not."
- Credit to Peter Losin,http://www.plosin.com/

- QC done by Bgreen

0682d54ba8c9b6259b7df46d6fb7f212 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t01.flac
9f95ab6e68c3ecdf8b79499013bef0ba *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t02.flac
06a45c48558d538a4b321d2c9428d2a5 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t03.flac
5cb5485e937b121f1167e188f73d96a8 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t04.flac
10e89dd4ed0f3ff3e1de4e4c21569734 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t05.flac
8e506dfe67310a6a99c44a7258d426f7 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t06.flac
7e35927e43c55bcff807e00cf6929d1e *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t07.flac
54701068b613ce655719471ed69012b9 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t08.flac
74632f771fa6d8b55a4dbc2b246b7b92 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t09.flac
26ca75ac79b873fdf6dbd2b896c5e98f *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t10.flac
00d410129030374a99792c642c688554 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t11.flac
1ed3f81bfc8de2e08e229bb3d8bb4920 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t12.flac
eaadd0fcbe406210a4db57c3e8d2f77b *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t13.flac
c17698bfac3b185f0d924dec66363133 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t14.flac
be86cb8a29a76ae39a6ddd4b262fb143 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t15.flac
f407e16a6e42732bdb18e64442ff5065 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t16.flac
af92d949fad2fa01dae31b2457e6780a *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t17.flac
9e98bf0ec57b3d5b36dc1d96c602bc48 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t18.flac
6d3683548ca49c6caae2952c7fc9d3d4 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t19.flac
66abfa1358617d82a692b15b0b1d84d7 *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t20.flac
1b3523f5600f5326744161c43178b4bd *md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t21.flac


48f77a45c7ae6889eecfea5f9f154d17  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t01.flac
1deedc3886fcd2ac48a5288acb08905e  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t02.flac
2170d0d9de215174487fa8298493b2f2  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t03.flac
8888cc8a965a5cdbb9aaed19683b994c  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t04.flac
8da3489165571d01bf1ad133500d2364  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t05.flac
3219081c7197d6b88e8d74dfb6ce91c2  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t06.flac
d2cb7ee1628a0943d9b9032d7ae70388  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t07.flac
a08b779a651785ed6db93b77030cc07a  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t08.flac
9c2b473569bab73b5a929e5d6c68932d  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t09.flac
5b8a7af2c6cc36f961acacf1e0bd2929  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t10.flac
2cf5b7ec55dec943e0da5649c727e19d  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t11.flac
998944033e9e1738d2d71858ff11c0a9  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t12.flac
d590e932bf33035cd0910d87883fa998  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t13.flac
3d9cb599712bf311640370de50447292  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t14.flac
f35c35a9c47037b5f60ed7165b0ecb3e  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t15.flac
83b82443a0a613a334228bfa241b861f  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t16.flac
3f2337c83013dc43fb73d5a0d56e71cb  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t17.flac
08e0e6cf185fd861090c7ebdb0317a03  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t18.flac
20d874a4d05ca88954478b980552b0ed  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t19.flac
8356bf2b69c86199dca0b2cc0507b53a  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t20.flac
d82af1e00effb327259c94b3c3cf0027  [shntool]  md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t21.flac

length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE problems filename
    3:43.67       39494828    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t01.flac
    3:17.63       34899020    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t02.flac
    1:39.50       17581244    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t03.flac
    2:13.17       23501228    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t04.flac
    0:48.65        8620124    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t05.flac
    2:03.20       21744284    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t06.flac
    1:45.39       18613772    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t07.flac
    2:23.63       25373420    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t08.flac
    0:33.46        5929436    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t09.flac
    0:51.06        9010556    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t10.flac
    0:46.37        8201468    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t11.flac
    1:45.50       18639644    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t12.flac
    1:53.69       20095532    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t13.flac
    3:37.49       38394092    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t14.flac
    1:55.32       20361308    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t15.flac
    0:49.00        8643644    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t16.flac
    2:25.54       25705052    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t17.flac
    1:35.01       16760396    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t18.flac
    3:13.35       34127564    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t19.flac
    0:54.59        9664412    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t20.flac
    2:44.64       29080172    ---   --   ---xx   md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t21.flac
   41:02.61      434441196 B                     (totals for 21 files, 0.3840 overall compression ratio)

spectral analysis from TLH
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t01.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 99%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t02.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 89%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t03.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 80%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t04.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 100%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t05.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 99%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t06.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 100%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t07.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 100%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t08.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 93%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t09.wav:  track looks like CDDA with probability 62%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t10.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 100%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t11.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 100%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t12.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 100%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t13.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 89%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t14.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 100%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t15.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 100%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t16.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 100%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t17.wav:  track looks like CDDA with probability 43%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t18.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 100%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t19.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 90%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t20.wav:  track looks like MPEG with probability 100%
md1948-XX-XX.LL99.d1t21.wav:  track looks like CDDA with probability 99%

old ffp
18 - Track18.flac:48f77a45c7ae6889eecfea5f9f154d17
19 - Track19.flac:1deedc3886fcd2ac48a5288acb08905e
20 - Track20.flac:2170d0d9de215174487fa8298493b2f2
21 - Track21.flac:8888cc8a965a5cdbb9aaed19683b994c
22 - Track22.flac:83b82443a0a613a334228bfa241b861f
23 - Track23.flac:3219081c7197d6b88e8d74dfb6ce91c2
24 - Track24.flac:d2cb7ee1628a0943d9b9032d7ae70388
25 - Track25.flac:a08b779a651785ed6db93b77030cc07a
26 - Track26.flac:08e0e6cf185fd861090c7ebdb0317a03
27 - Track27.flac:20d874a4d05ca88954478b980552b0ed
28 - Track28.flac:8356bf2b69c86199dca0b2cc0507b53a
29 - Track29.flac:998944033e9e1738d2d71858ff11c0a9
30 - Track30.flac:d590e932bf33035cd0910d87883fa998
31 - Track31.flac:3d9cb599712bf311640370de50447292
32 - Track32.flac:5b8a7af2c6cc36f961acacf1e0bd2929
33 - Track33.flac:2cf5b7ec55dec943e0da5649c727e19d
34 - Track34.flac:f35c35a9c47037b5f60ed7165b0ecb3e
35 - Track35.flac:8da3489165571d01bf1ad133500d2364
36 - Track36.flac:3f2337c83013dc43fb73d5a0d56e71cb
37 - Track37.flac:9c2b473569bab73b5a929e5d6c68932d
38 - Track38.flac:d82af1e00effb327259c94b3c3cf0027
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