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File Name:Muddy Waters 1975-04-xx Boston, MA FM      82db5259869e8806ed6bfe9e1e0a444616380e86
Added:10/08/12 - 06:40:22 - arfarf - 142.51 MB
Details:Muddy Waters   Blue Monday   Flac 16 --
Description:Muddy Waters
Paul's Mall,
Boston, MA

WBCN Broadcast

01 Chicken Shack>
       Muddy intro
02 Long Distance Call
03 Kansas City
04 //Do Away With You>
05 Outro

Bob Margolin - guitar
Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson - guitar
Jerry Portnoy - harmonica
Pinetop Perkins - piano
Calvin Jones - bass
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith - drums

With special guests:
Magic Dick - harmonica
Peter Wolf - vocals

Notes: This is another Muddy show I got as part of a large, multi-show folder at a now defunct, hobgoblin of a tracker.  
Many of these shows seem to be lightly circulated, mostly via etree trades,
and I've not seen them on BT trackers.  If you have seen them torrented before,
I'd like to hear about it, please leave a comment.
 This show was actually in a folder with some other tracks from a different, earlier Boston area
Muddy Waters show, 1972-08-22, with a different line-up.
During this show,Muddy talks about this being the second time he's celebrated his birthday this month, which indicates likely an April date, and with Portnoy on harp versu George "Mojo" Buford,  
likely no earlier than 1975.  The closest db.etree has to this show is listed as ??/??/1974.  
The site, muddywaters.com lists six dates from late April 1975,
and I think it is likely that is where this is from.
Note that Peter Wolf was a long time DJ at WBCN-FM, and other station personal are introduced by Muddy,
as well as Muddy's former band member, Luther "Sanke" Johnson, also known as Luther "Georgia Boy" Johnson, no relation to the Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson that performs with Muddy here.
I've split these shows into seperate folders, and I've renamed files and added checksums and a
new info text for each.  Original info and EAC text files are included.

Setlist help always welcome

0af20dfa8c7f1d5a9e84d835b29d00ad *muddywaters1975-04-xx.d1t01.flac
f890baa80a71827e30fb16f58e94b3b2 *muddywaters1975-04-xx.d1t02.flac
1d0e625d86016d960bc4ec92e7381843 *muddywaters1975-04-xx.d1t03.flac
e732cbb4c0a33b13105fd209cbb9fc3d *muddywaters1975-04-xx.d1t04.flac
8f672f2ddc52ede0c7beac5f4027325e *muddywaters1975-04-xx.d1t05.flac
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