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File Name:President Jimmy Carter presents the White House Jazz Festival-June 18, 1978-fm-npr 1600 Penn Ave, Washington, D.C.      997c418aae0e8c0fca561ac0a2e8e1adbb492dcc
Added:06/23/08 - 08:33:50 - - 930.38 MB
Details:Jazz   Jazz Sunday   Multiple Artists   etree --
Staff Comment:E
Description:Former President Jimmy Carter presents
(when he was president of the U.S.A.)
the White House Jazz Festival
in Washington, D.C. U.S.A.
With Herbie Hancock, Benny Goodman, McCoy Tyner, Sonny Rollins,
Dizzy Gillespie, George Benson, Cecil Taylor, Eubie Blake,
Pearl Bailey, Ornette & Denardo Coleman, Benny Carter, many others!
June 18, 1978
filename: WHJF61878flac16
performance quality: B+ to A+
recording quality:  B+ ( The recording is clean but it's from the
                        primitive days of live radio broadcasting
                        so not the high fidelity of later NPR FM.
                        This was one of NPR's 1st national live
                        broadcasts, and the reel part recorded on
                        an old Sony reel deck that wasn't very good..)
source:  all of this torrent is from master FM broadcast tapes
lineage:  WBUR FM radio >
         Sansui 8 reciever >
         (1st half on Maxell UD reel,
          2nd half on Maxell UD cassette, dolby off) >
          soundforge 4.5 > CD > CD extractor (to WAV) >
          FLAC 6 > torrent.

setlist: disc 1  77:29
 1: introduction
 2: New Tuxedo Brass Band
 3: comments about Duke Ellington
 4: Medal of Freedom ceremony
 5: happy birthday to Duke Ellington
 6: comments from President Carter
 7: Eubie Blake boogie woogie begine
 8: memories of you
 9: Catherine Handy Lewis and Doc Cheatham
 10: Billy Taylor chatter
 11: Mary Lou Williams
 12: Eldridge and Benny Carter Allstars
 13: lady be good
 14: introduction of Sam Rivers
 15: Tyner, Carter, Rollins and Max Roach

       disc 2  79:47
 16: Hancock Carter Gillespie Williams
 19: Ornette and Denardo Coleman
 20: Cecil Taylor
 21: Hampton Corea Brown Sims Benson
 23: comments from President Carter
 25: Hancock Clarke Corea and Pearl Bailey
 26: Pearl Bailey
      disc 3  8:31 (these tracks are in disc 2 folder)
 27: Dizzy Gillespie
 28: Salt Peanuts (J. Carter & D. Gillespie)

there is another torrent of this concert up on dime (#152861) posted on July 1st, 2007 by theant
which contains the following tracks. (All of these and more should be in this posting).

1. Introductions

2. 1. In A Mellow Tone
Teddy Wilson (p), Roy Eldridge (tp), Jo Jones (dr), Clarke Terry (tp), Milt Hinton (b), Illinois Jacquet (ts), Benny Carter (as)

3. Lady Be Good
Teddy Wilson (p), Roy Eldridge (tp), Jo Jones (dr), Clarke Terry (tp), Milt Hinton (b), Illinois Jacquet (ts), Benny Carter (as)

4. Sonnymoon For Two
Sonny Rollins (ts), McCoy Tyner (p), Max Roach (dr), Ron Carter (b)

5. Ackowledgement of Charles Mingus in the audience

6. Unknown Title
Herbie Hancock (p), Ron Carter (b), Tony Williams (dr), George Benson (g), Dexter Gordon (ts), Dizzy Gillespie (tr)

7. Caravan
Herbie Hancock (p), Ron Carter (b), Tony Williams (dr), George Benson (g), Dexter Gordon (ts), Dizzy Gillespie (tr)

8. Introductions

9. Earth Soles
Ornette Coleman (ts), Denardo Coleman (dr)

10. Nether
Ornette Coleman (ts), Denardo Coleman (dr)

11. Unknown Title
Cecil Taylor (p)

12. Introductions

13. How High The Moon (not sure of title)
Chick Corea (p), Louis Bellson (dr), Ray Brown (b), Stan Getz (ts), Zoot Sims (ts), George Benson (g), Lionel Hampton (vibes),

14. Georgia On My Mind (not sure of title)
Chick Corea (p), Louis Bellson (dr), Ray Brown (b), Stan Getz (ts), Zoot Sims (ts), George Benson (g), Lionel Hampton (vibes),

15. Lush Life
Chick Corea (p), Louis Bellson (dr), Ray Brown (b), Stan Getz (ts), Zoot Sims (ts), George Benson (g), Lionel Hampton (vibes),

16. Salt Peanuts
Dizzy Gillespie (tp, Vocals), Max Roach (dr), Jimmy Carter (vocals)

17. Outro

 and (I believe) also includes the tracks not in the previous version of this concert
 which may include more than these but probably at least these titles, since I recorded
the entire show and included all music in the program which was all live:

Boogie Woogie Beguine
Memories of You
St. Louis Blues
History of Jazz

Other tracks apparently missing are:

In the Good Old Summertime
Flying Home

 this is all from live (not recorded) broadcast masters. It has had some talking/commentary
edited out of it, but the music is complete. Half of this was mastered on a Maxell UD reel,
the other half on Maxell UD cassette. I didn't know how long this show would run and often wonder,
why the heck didn't I just put it all on the reel? I suspect the reason for that was because it
ran longer than expected. I think there is 1 tape flip interruption of the recording, with just a
few seconds missing. It may also have been that I wanted to get the "heavies" (Benson, Tyner,
Hancock, Ron Carter, Corea, ect.) on reel.
 I may be half a century old and have 30 years of live recordings, but this is the only
time I have ever heard of, never mind heard, a White House Jazz Festival. Jimmy Carter is
the very first person to recieve a vote from me for our country's highest office (in 1976
presidential election), and for awhile this was a time of hope and healing for the USA.
One thing many folks may not know about this president, was that he shared a liking of
jazz music and a respect for it as a great national tradition. As far as I know, it only
happened this one time in our nation's history, honoring jazz music in the nation's capital
in a festival event. Don't know why, because this was a great time had by all, including then-
President Carter and 1st lady Ros Carter and included many of the greats of jazz, old and new.
This broadcast was live as it happened on NPR FM radio, a concert to celebrate great American
jazz, basically (I don't think it was a fundraiser, just a gathering for musical performances)
and beside being very historic, it had a bunch of fine and interesting performances, rare or
never before or again combinations of great jazz artists. This concert is a series of short sets,
with one allstar lineup after another and just a couple of weeks before the major league baseball
allstar game and the nation's 202nd birthday, so this was an upbeat event for the USA. This concert
was the allstar game for 1978 American jazz music. There are some very nice performances in here,
and music to please almost any kind of interest in American jazz. NPR did a few very interesting
live concert broadcasts in 1978, and I think 1977 was the beginning for the "Jazz Alive" series
that brought some of America's best jazz concerts to the radio. 1978 was a very good year, maybe
the best one, for this rather short-lived program, and some of the artists included in those shows
are included in this one. They also did a Chick Corea and Friends show of similar length to this
show in 1978 circa "Mad Hatter", and another very similar one in 1982 both of which I have already
 Some of my older CD's are glitchy, but none of those have been upped by myself unless I'm able to
remaster and/or otherwise (preferably) get a glitch-free copy. We're very fussy about that at
Glasnost Radio Productions. If I find even 1 glitch, peg, gap or clip in one of my uploads I
remaster the whole set or show over again (if possible), so I'm glad it wasn't needed here, this
was a bit of a project. why do I do this? For the love of jazz, and in this case, getting to hear a
then-current U.S. president sing Salt Peanuts with Dizzy Gillespie. Because that and the rest of part
3 of this torrent is very short (8:31 for the last 2 tracks, it wouldn't quite fit on 2 discs), when
I remastered this to disc I put the part 3 with a Dizzy Gillespie 1977 broadcast (that seemed the most
logical place I had available for it) which is also from my FM master (same radio station source too,
WBUR). I was going to post that with this, instead I'm posting them seperately Dizzy's up already) so if
you wish to do as I did, you can, and put the last 2 tracks of this fine show (which include Gillespie)
with the full set by Dizzy in Cambridge from 1977.
 If Ronald Reagan was the "great communicator" (not, more like the Great Repressor II, following up
Nixon's agenda), he sure wasn't the great jazz appreciator, because when he became U.S. President, that
was the end of White House Jazz Festivals. (and Jazz Alive broadcasts. NOT a coincidence at all there on
both counts, either). Jazz would never be the same again. this comes from a time before the atomic bomb
and a teflon president was dropped on what was once the hope of real American dreams, now replaced by
something much more desperate and depressing than hopeful.
Maybe if we get President Obama, he will bring this event BACK to current reality, where it BELONGS.
If we get (stuck with) John McCain, fuggetaboutit, it may never happen again.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
share the spirit of American jazz.

01 introduction.flac:3e43857506395c441fa202934c745af9
02 New Tuxedo Brass Band.flac:7b4274e8e2ce45e1774b29905ab40e45
03 comments about Duke Ellington.flac:3322ca4e5a26ab8df2bdfca73626bfb4
04 medal of freedom ceremony.flac:1ceebbab1bcca29a455887e52d0c5511
05 happy birthday for Duke Ellington.flac:860f0fc808e0f0937e7875b0de47c081
06 President Jimmy Carter comments.flac:07433a21dc5b023a68ed485f65bfa638
07 Eubie Blake boogie woogie waltz.flac:4bb46d64b9ad04be8bc70ec128771bff
08 memories of you.flac:20ae6090b4c93286b56561d337f9b7e4
09 Catherine Handy Lewis with Doc Cheatham St. Louis Blues.flac:e787877ec410bf1fc81aeecb4f41d60f
10 Billy Taylor chatter.flac:4df7ccf20dd0d479ba7c58447bfbfd18
11 Mary Lou Williams.flac:3a16922e0e6cbd8ed00594dbd9f9cb94
12 Eldridge and Benny Carter allstars in a mellow tone.flac:bae0e696adc18824e027054dff0fd900
13 lady be good.flac:aded74f87ddae679984f97ebd3d15307
14 introduction of Sam Rivers.flac:2a6b1fbce7b5654494d76fec44dabf54
15 Tyner Rollins Carter and Max Roach.flac:ca2097213d981a971d52f26fddd21330
16 Hancock Carter Gillespie Williams.flac:c2ad632df4b6271c43b766927e7451c0
19 Ornette and Denardo Coleman.flac:ff44e6b9a8339cc5bc39a52510fb6b99
20 Cecil Taylor.flac:c55cf4d575d609d3bc17be012e4355ec
21 Hampton Corea Brown Sims Benson.flac:2d30800484d3ca1e3d9c3f34a2c3faec
23 comments from President Carter.flac:a6d96c619ad7be8697719d3604c39f25
25 Hancock Clarke Corea Bailey.flac:dc673ab80d76aa0a5c3f9e2b34b00c18
26 Pearl Bailey.flac:c0234c46845cba000f56e22c3ed93c4c
27 Dizzy Gillespie.flac:4ba41721f79ccf24adb19340c6f99a4b
28 salt peanuts Jimmy Carter and Dizzy.flac:69709c922590879573c7234a0e7a47c2
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