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File Name:Bobby Blue Bland 1975-10-08 Boarding House, SF, CA FM Flac16      c9a236e9bb5abc974225ee1bd41b6a726c288258
Added:09/09/13 - 09:34:48 - JerryRocks - 284.73 MB
Details:Blues   Blue Monday   Flac 16   etree --
Description:Bobby "Blue Bland
Boarding House
San Francisco, CA

FM MR >Revox B77 >Phillips CD recorder >CDR >EAC >EQ(reducing bass oversaturation) >retracking >Flac

01 /Stop Fooling Arround
02 Love Wait to let me Wait
03 Got Bad luck
04 Bobby Bland Intro/Ain´t that Loving You Baby/
05 I take care of you
06 Today I started loving You Again
07 Your Friends
08 The Way You treated Me
09 This Time I´m gone for good/Lonely Avenue
10 That´s the Way Love is
11 The Feeling is gone/Stormy Monday/Driftin´Blues* (Played for Mel Brown, who was in the Audience)
12 KSAN Outro
TT:ca 57 mins

Friends, here´s a high energy exellent+ sounding Blues show from the great BOBBY  BLUE  BLAND feat. Wayne Bennet on guitar!
They played nearly nonstop for the 56 mins available here
and the rhythm section is as good as the fantastic horn section!
Many thx to taperpat who sent me a CDR off his  1st Gen. reelcopy from this performance,
originally recorded by Charles Mayette to reel from a KSAN FM Broadcast in San Francisco!

Bobby "Blue" Bland. voc
Wayne Bennett: lead g.
Williams lead voc Tracks 1 3
unknown horn section

KSAN FM   >>Masterreel recorded by Charles Mayette
Pat: FM Masterreel Reel Revox B77 Phillips CD recorder CDR  
Doc Tinker:
CDR EAC EQ(reducing bass oversaturation) retracking Flac

Enjoy this great piece of BOBBY  BLUE  BLAND & Blues history!

1c528e03263537d1b085c5d722621277 *01 - Track01.flac
c4e4a65483e00526134cf983348fbfb5 *02 - Track02.flac
56ac0f4cd41ff06f29d2d701b5a38d28 *03 - Track03.flac
59dd914e3f08c4c940179ac972c67211 *04 - Track04.flac
71179a30ddf6c10bc78e48c03f0cc0d1 *05 - Track05.flac
ff8962d3e9cbebd78d0f38d3230c0f17 *06 - Track06.flac
bc83906f53fe420cffbc11d57b861825 *07 - Track07.flac
5723c644dff8a8f9d2a89ce8f44ff1c2 *08 - Track08.flac
669f5356602179e329689e5960c4429d *09 - Track09.flac
042f466171d69645398c1e6e84ffb6e4 *10 - Track10.flac
a03501d0cefa2531358103803cc14809 *11 - Track11.flac
a0b7e7bd12e77dde2f54ce8a5e211b43 *12 - Track12.flac

No errors occured.

01 - Track01.flac:a456277104ffe139de03a7f841f2c2f9
02 - Track02.flac:82aacae189d071121e49352fde082775
03 - Track03.flac:f35f88c098dd4f791ae4a27288e3d2fc
04 - Track04.flac:2e2cf98de8b6585168f040f0c33f46b7
05 - Track05.flac:c6aa5c6d6872c34758dc207c6a425097
06 - Track06.flac:0d36fe8af1c2dd6d0c9ef49f94ebbc47
07 - Track07.flac:235e5ca474463d6c9aa0ef720b2147fc
08 - Track08.flac:e8c674ac6cdab0bc6b2e6dc794b4c4ff
09 - Track09.flac:26c1403e56ec9ab139d8ebce4aeddbc0
10 - Track10.flac:e9958c37fec28ff7cdf0d41a81769f86
11 - Track11.flac:76a03bb97d9e7b5e1133d46ca21987e0
12 - Track12.flac:25bf8cfaef4c8e70a52bc7ac3c108de3

No errors occured.
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