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   01/16 10:57  perry:   Re-watching Bob where the Other One documentary, awesome!
   01/16 09:37  humboldt1:   billy k sat in for 3 tunes last night with leftover salmon.  one of my favorite nelsonband drummers  
   01/16 09:29  humboldt1:   http://mixlr.com/leftover-salmon/    salmon stream goin down
   01/16 09:20  perry:   Interesting article
   01/16 09:19  perry:   http://tinyurl.com/Human-Be-In
   01/16 08:46  toastdoob:   that bastard would not have grabbed Barry's guitar if I was there ~ dammit!
   01/16 08:45  toastdoob:   I was going to go to Connellsville but my problem started to show itself about that time ~ I would have parked myself at the equipment
   01/16 06:16  norm:   btetree bad file, LMA bad file, unless we find someone that DL from comments @ btetree
   01/16 06:15  humboldt1:   right on good times im sure
   01/16 06:14  norm:   I can't get 127165 24bit to decode and match 16bit 136807 for d2t06, only could make all new, unless we can find a good d2t06
   01/16 05:48  stuccoholmes:   Peter Albin playing bass last night...
   01/16 05:09  humboldt1:   i concur doob
   01/16 05:09  humboldt1:   http://mixlr.com/annielaidherhairdown/    tedeschi trucks sounds awesome
   01/16 03:55  toastdoob:   Laymon's Green bass made a nice contrast with Barry's candy apple red guitar before it got heisted
   01/16 03:49  humboldt1:   nice to see u back stucco wondering if laymon (green bass) was with melton I know they good friends
   01/16 03:46  humboldt1:   yeah doob i switched to the better stream.  annie laid her hair down looking foward to ttb
   01/16 03:42  stuccoholmes:   Doing the obligatory cable/snake wrapping and cleaning post-bar shows...
   01/16 03:31  stuccoholmes:   child's play
   01/16 03:31  stuccoholmes:   A lot of video and projection equip last night. Made my over the top amt of equip look like child play...  
   01/16 03:27  stuccoholmes:   Last night a big sub box was in front of the stage and so my mics were "saved" from chatty people by the sub box
   01/16 03:27  stuccoholmes:   Friday night I had a stage mic melt down due to sub under stage
   01/16 03:25  stuccoholmes:   I ran 4 on stage plus the sbd at the Be-In last night. No snake access. No house mics due to PA on sides? of room
   01/16 03:13  wharfratjoe:   another 4 or 6 ambient
   01/16 03:13  wharfratjoe:   8 mics onstage..lol
   01/16 03:12  wharfratjoe:   we had so much gear at this smal restuarant last night, it was fun
   01/16 03:12  wharfratjoe:   OMG GrooveSession smoked last night. great recording. TheDman and I recordign Audio, Cris did video
   01/16 03:12  wharfratjoe:   stuccoholmes: ?
   01/16 03:12  wharfratjoe:   ?
   01/16 03:11  Njones:   RUN THE TABLE The PACK is Back
   01/16 03:07  stuccoholmes:   WRJ Subwoofer screwed me on Friday and saved me on Saturday...Go figure...
   01/16 03:04  wharfratjoe:   and will ask about audience chatter
   01/16 03:04  wharfratjoe:   annie has a external mic she uses to
   01/16 03:02  wharfratjoe:   Giants fan here = Go Packers!!!
   01/16 02:31  toastdoob:   am I the only one with sound stopping and starting on the greenehouse link?
   01/16 02:29  humboldt1:   http://mixlr.com/annielaidherhairdown/     here is another source with less audience noise sounds good jrad just starting
   01/16 02:27  toastdoob:   AmeriKa?
   01/16 02:14  Brad125:   Go Cowboys !!!!  Where's the avatar? It's Amerixa's Team !!
   01/16 01:46  ifthir:   thanks Yokohama!!!
   01/16 01:11  arfarf:   Here's humboldt1's mixlr link made hot: http://tinyurl.com/hmagdnz
   01/16 01:08  arfarf:   Good afternoon music LLovers!
   01/16 00:39  humboldt1:   dave mason on now.. others  mavis staple ,jrad ,bruce hornsby ,tedeschi trucks later
   01/16 00:38  jjdigby:   faked his own death? do tell
   01/16 00:34  humboldt1:   http://mixlr.com/greenehouse-productions/    sunshine music festival live broadcast
   01/16 00:22  jgmf:   JGB 12/1/89 B&K tapes by Buick, Hughes and Katzeff, I think. See torrent.
   01/15 23:53  johanfex:   they could have horses , it ain't worse than at a race-track .....
   01/15 22:56  waterman:   Just turn the prism and the page on this circus thingy, people. Why do you think elephants go mad and attack their handlers?
   01/15 22:54  waterman:   Or maybe we can get people to perform "the whipyourdivinghoops" trick. I'd pay good money to see that.
   01/15 22:53  waterman:   Yeah, but "in a way" animal cruelty sucks worse. Have a circus w/o animal shows. It can be done.
   01/15 22:41  yokohamaj:   Kimock 2nd set opener in Yokohama: Space Odyssey > Dark Star > Hillbillies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmiTeCJQvZA (short DS clip)
   01/15 22:07  US Blues:   Wheel to the storm, and fly!  

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