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   02/23 18:14  FreedomHaul:   don't tell me this town ain't got no heart!
   02/23 17:41  eddiegeeeee:   Shakedown October 25, 1979    (where's that 1st set sbd?)  
   02/23 16:54  gems:                                                                                               
   02/23 16:37  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers    
   02/23 16:24  gems:   Dry sift keif,sour jack to soothe the back, 4 7 71 sings you know our love not fade away
   02/23 16:23  gems:   Enough missing a 420 everyday...
   02/23 16:22  US Blues:   455 am
   02/23 14:56  gems:   329 am
   02/23 14:38  JerryRocks:   I like the 4/26/84 and 10/25/79 Shakedowns, and also really like 5/8/79 Penn St.!  
   02/23 10:46  johanfex:   81-03-28 ......... from halfway through Bob runs a figure for a while ....... pure gold
   02/23 08:56  37wolf:   I like all the ones from late '79 but my favorite Shakedown is 1979-10-25 New Haven
   02/23 07:55  drewberry1:   Speaking of Shakedowns, 4/26/84 needs a mention
   02/23 07:25  heungbo:   Just ordered a new external HD. Near $9 discount on a $50 order at Amazon today with BIGTHANKS
   02/23 07:07  henry:   Im a fan of the Long Beach 81 Shakedown.
   02/23 07:06  Alpine7784:   The Shakedown from Phil & Friends 4/15/99 is one of the best ever, IMO
   02/23 07:05  Alpine7784:   Shakedown 12/28/78. Super funky, great Jerry solo.
   02/23 06:38  dirtybuck:   Merriweather 85' tops a lot of best Shakedown lists...
   02/23 04:35  Brad125:   @stuccoholmes: yeah baby on 8-4-89    Crazy > Cumberland > Eyes  
   02/23 04:30  Frawls78:   5/12/81 and 8/3/82 are my personal favorite Shakedowns.
   02/23 04:13  dgeisler:   from 8/19/89
   02/23 04:13  dgeisler:   the Playin' > UJB are my favorite "modern era" versions love the Space from that night too. not a D>S type personality usually
   02/23 03:40  gems:   Nice! Have fun
   02/23 03:38  poolguyrmb:   Off to see Golden Gate Wingmen here in Baltimore....  
   02/23 03:14  gems:   Zoo81 shakedown report...i call it thinkin man's version...neat phil and brent stuff for sure!
   02/23 03:05  eddiegeeeee:    It's good to listen to this song every once in a while https://youtu.be/D74XF-kPX_4  
   02/23 03:04  stuccoholmes:   8-4-89 Wang Dang Doo...
   02/23 02:55  gems:   Well yep that 4 6 82 shakedowns pretty nice, phil is so defined and almost soloing at points
   02/23 02:32  pat8track:   thank you goother and jamie, running smooth again, rfk 94 are the only shows i saw and never heard again
   02/23 02:19  goother:   whack a mole on the patio?  
   02/23 02:08  US Blues:   Whack fol, de daddy-o  
   02/23 01:40  coopertown:   i think they played shoreline around the same time either before or after you all probably know it's all a blur to me
   02/23 01:36  coopertown:   i was probably at that show too  
   02/23 01:34  coopertown:   and you have Healy acting like he's part of he band f'in with the vocals no bass intro not the same song to me evetything is wrong
   02/23 01:32  coopertown:   the o1 lost it's punch by the mid 80`s and was usually short with no jam after 2nd verse right into next song most of the time
   02/23 00:47  goother:   yep, love that O1, not the longest but very intense
   02/23 00:45  copperdomebodhi:   8-19-89 is a great one. Visions of the band in 1920s clothes, playing on the back of sidewheeler steaming down the Mississippi. Check that Other One!
   02/23 00:42  seaweed1010:   8-19-89 Jerry was quoted in an article later saying "sometimes we are really on. Like the last night Greek"
   02/23 00:40  dgeisler:   12/26/79 is about Brent
   02/23 00:39  dgeisler:   a fan of 4/06/82 Shakedown here...
   02/23 00:14  gems:   As i walkin over Gilliraga Mountain I met Col Pepper and his money he was countin, i drew forth my pistol and rattled my saber
   02/23 00:06  copperdomebodhi:   Rilly enjoying So Many Roads. It doesn't flow like a show, but it's one awesome performance after another.
   02/22 23:50  gems:   Its pretty crazy mason and trip got such a good aud innoakland.  Word was some extra effort was made to secure such a tallstand at the brd
   02/22 23:47  gems:   Now i gotta too hear all these shakedowns...this is fun
   02/22 23:47  stuccoholmes:   48k sbd DAT clone...
   02/22 23:47  coopertown:   I'll have to go back and listen but i remember 11/23/78 being a good one though Jerrys voice is shot
   02/22 23:46  stuccoholmes:   Checkin' it out now...
   02/22 23:46  copperdomebodhi:   8-19-89 is good all-around. Check that Other One.
   02/22 23:46  gems:   TheZoo! What a set one that day
   02/22 23:44  stuccoholmes:   7-5-81 Shakedown...sounds like they think they're playing Stranger during the jam
   02/22 23:42  gems:   I kinda like the mason aud best

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