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tsmegsPMUnitednoUnknown client921.30 MB0.00 KB0.0028 weeks ago
rmcnabbPMUnitednouTorrent MB56.08 MB0.0628 weeks ago
sidewinder62PMUnitednouTorrent 1.8.8.B921.30 MB0.00 KB0.0035 weeks ago
estarerPMUnitednoAzureus MB0.00 KB0.0042 weeks ago
jpoPMFrancenoUnknown client921.30 MB0.00 KB0.0042 weeks ago
whatsupdawgPMUnitednoBitTornado 0.3.18921.30 MB2.06 GB2.2942 weeks ago
taylorcolePMUnitednoUnknown client375.23 MB0.00 KB0.0042 weeks ago
azs2PMUnitednouTorrent MB27.39 MB0.0342 weeks ago
taperchuck3PMUnitednouTorrent MB921.30 MB1.0042 weeks ago
slewfoot2PMUnitednoTransmission MB429.51 MB0.4742 weeks ago
RobertMuzPMUnitednouTorrent 3.4.1308.13 KB0.00 KB0.0042 weeks ago
2LedFeetPMUnitednoAzureus MB0.00 KB0.0042 weeks ago
jmitchellPMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KB0.0042 weeks ago
evansPMUnitednouTorrent MB0.00 KB0.0042 weeks ago
dino7650PMUnitednouTorrent MB5.06 GB5.6342 weeks ago
RudiKermerPMGermanynouTorrent MB0.00 KB0.0042 weeks ago
garypedmondsPMUnitednouTorrent MB455.24 MB0.4942 weeks ago
jerrylives2000PMUnitednoUnknown client921.32 MB15.46 MB0.0242 weeks ago
macstrawPMUnitednouTorrent KB2.78 GBoo42 weeks ago
BigedPMUnitednouTorrent MB1.00 GB1.1142 weeks ago
SugarMagnolia59PMUnitednouTorrent MB387.92 MB0.4242 weeks ago
AikoAiko84PMUnitednouTorrent MB181.36 MB0.2042 weeks ago
RochesterNolePMUnitednoUnknown client918.30 MB149.25 MB0.1642 weeks ago
shannonPMUnitednoUnknown client921.30 MB439.05 MB0.4842 weeks ago
jsierotaPMUnitednoUnknown client921.30 MB1.07 GB1.1942 weeks ago
sangfreudPMUnitednouTorrent MB1.58 GB1.7542 weeks ago
PaulPMGermanynoMainline 7.2.0921.30 MB1.27 GB1.4142 weeks ago
dvannessPMUnitednoBitTornado MB52.42 MB0.0642 weeks ago
poordevilPMNaurunouTorrent MB2.81 GB3.1242 weeks ago
shnfoobarPMUnitednouTorrent KB1.27 GB4,332.5042 weeks ago
SmileytimePMUnitednouTorrent MB4.44 MB0.032454 weeks ago
skullandrosesPMUnitednoUnknown client0.00 KB48.65 MBoo2454 weeks ago



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Poll: Best crowd roar ?
1983 St Stephen at MSG NY (57)  (20%)
1986 Box Of Rain at Hampton VA (30)  (10%)
1989 Dark Star at Hampton VA (106)  (37%)
1995 Unbroken Chain Philly PA (47)  (16%)
1992 Casey Jones RFK Wash DC (11)  (3%)
1983 St Stephen Hartford CT (19)  (6%)
1991 New Speedway Oakland CA (10)  (3%)
1988 Stir It Up Hampton VA (5)  (1%)
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