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UserCountryActiveClient Downloaded Uploaded Ratio Finished
PinheadPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB0.00 KB0.0020 hours ago
jimfPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.001 day ago
deeprootsPMUnitednouTorrent MB0.00 KB0.001 day ago
anne cPMUnitednoBitTornado GB0.00 KB0.001 day ago
wolfy73PMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.001 day ago
helponthewayPMUnitednouTorrent GB185.76 MB0.181 day ago
budwhitePMSwedennouTorrent MB12.73 MB0.032 days ago
huckabuckPMUnitednoTransmission GB0.00 KB0.002 days ago
thebirdPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.002 days ago
Miami JeffPMUnitednoAzureus GB1.17 GB0.582 days ago
kaliyugaPMSwitzerlandnoBitTornado GB3.83 MB0.002 days ago
deepriverrecordingPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB13.78 MB0.012 days ago
breattaPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB157.32 MB0.152 days ago
2LedFeetPMUnitedyesAzureus GB377.99 MB0.373 days ago
thempelPMUnitednouTorrent GB206.51 MB0.203 days ago
hoaxwagonPMUnitednouTorrent MB127.52 MB0.153 days ago
MFFordPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB234.23 MB0.233 days ago
BookiePMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KBoo3 days ago
Owsley S. IVPMunknownnoTransmission GB27.93 MB0.033 days ago
oed59049PMUnitednouTorrent GB1.67 MB0.003 days ago
ccrider76PMUnitednoUnknown client0.00 KB0.00 KBoo3 days ago
GeorgeMcMPMUnitednoAzureus GB553.18 MB0.273 days ago
whatsupdawgPMUnitednoBitTornado GB884.28 MB0.863 days ago
SmileytimePMUnitednouTorrent GB1.76 GB0.883 days ago
pat8trackPMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KBoo3 days ago
bonzohohPMUnitednoAzureus GB319.53 MB0.313 days ago
Lot_6PMUnitednouTorrent GB3.11 MB0.003 days ago
willie4prezPMUnitedyesuTorrent MB944.00 KB0.013 days ago
skullandrosesPMUnitednoUnknown client2.01 GB36.44 MB0.023 days ago
jmanPMJamaicanoUnknown client1.00 GB806.59 MB0.793 days ago
dmo770PMUnitednoAzureus GB50.25 MB0.053 days ago
playdeadPMUnitednoAzureus GB361.60 MB0.183 days ago
4dancinbearsPMIrelandnouTorrent GB622.92 MB0.613 days ago
mdftunesPMUnitednouTorrent GB128.55 MB0.133 days ago
HuckinFappyPMUnitednolibTorrent 0.D.6.00.00 KB0.00 KBoo3 days ago
cubfan1091PMUnitednoTransmission GB0.00 KB0.003 days ago
beerengineerPMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KBoo3 days ago
mhlsrPMUnitednouTorrent GB1.16 GB1.163 days ago
Big PapiPMUnitednoAzureus GB53.90 MB0.053 days ago
kasplundhPMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KBoo3 days ago
thewhytesPMCanadanoUnknown client2.01 GB160.00 KB0.003 days ago
jpfitzerPMUnitednoAzureus GB1.63 GB1.623 days ago
dld2000usPMUnitednouTorrent KB2.08 GBoo3 days ago
pcslipknotPMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KBoo3 days ago
GDHALPMUnitednoUnknown client1.01 GB11.58 MB0.013 days ago
Garcia71PMUnitednouTorrent GB28.52 MB0.033 days ago
coleslawPMUnitednouTorrent GB162.19 MB0.083 days ago
gvo2PMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KBoo3 days ago
urbansurferPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB320.77 MB0.313 days ago
snoidPMUnitednouTorrent GB112.84 MB0.113 days ago
jglendinningPMUnitednoUnknown client2.01 GB52.98 MB0.033 days ago
rhythmdevilPMUnitednouTorrent GB3.24 GB3.233 days ago
sage23PMunknownnoUnknown client1.01 GB915.14 KB0.003 days ago
eddiegeeeeePMUnitednouTorrent GB762.52 MB0.593 days ago
lamarred664PMUnitednoUnknown client0.00 KB0.00 KBoo3 days ago
JawsTradePMunknownnoTransmission GB34.72 MB0.033 days ago
moonPMUnitednouTorrent GB289.55 MB0.283 days ago
momoheadPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB2.78 GB2.773 days ago
photoleonPMUnitednoUnknown client0.00 KB0.00 KBoo3 days ago
Marc511PMunknownnoUnknown client2.01 GB3.86 GB1.933 days ago
deadhead666PMUnitednouTorrent GB864.00 KB0.003 days ago
garcialivesPMUnitednoAzureus GB779.76 MB0.763 days ago
ImetdorkPMUnitednouTorrent GB352.00 KB0.003 days ago
dangelmarPMUnitednoUnknown client2.01 GB1.03 GB0.523 days ago
RochesterNolePMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB14.56 MB0.013 days ago
deadeasyPMUnitednouTorrent GB763.62 MB0.743 days ago
mccoolxPMNorwaynouTorrent GB323.92 MB0.323 days ago
cryptical5PMUnitednouTorrent GB4.66 GB2.323 days ago
bnmusicPMUnitednouTorrent KB1.23 GBoo3 days ago
gd7288PMUnitednoUnknown client2.01 GB12.14 MB0.013 days ago
poordevilPMNaurunouTorrent GB3.45 GB1.153 days ago
evansPMUnitednouTorrent GB273.72 MB0.273 days ago
helmesPMGermanynouTorrent GB257.85 MB0.253 days ago
hpjohnsePMNorwaynoMainline GB2.39 GB1.193 days ago
thistlePMUnitednoUnknown client2.01 GB2.45 GB1.223 days ago
TaperAdvocatPMUnitednoAzureus KB0.99 GBoo3 days ago
bjd103PMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KBoo3 days ago
jra-smPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB4.72 GB4.703 days ago
mrnymPMUnitedyesUnknown client1.00 GB1.51 GB1.503 days ago
adamosPMUnitednouTorrent KB3.27 GBoo3 days ago
WLHPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB954.49 MB0.933 days ago
blueslvrPMUnitednouTorrent GB5.06 GB5.053 days ago
roostermanPMUnitednoAzureus GB1.25 GB1.253 days ago
KSBearPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.002 weeks ago
GregEPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.0021 weeks ago
epluribusunumPMUnitednoUnknown client2.01 GB2.55 GB1.2724 weeks ago
gdtrfb69PMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB0.00 KB0.0024 weeks ago
sidewinder62PMUnitednouTorrent 1.8.8.B1.00 GB0.00 KB0.0035 weeks ago
eyzworld1PMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.0037 weeks ago
vidark.starPMNorwaynoAzureus GB0.00 KB0.0041 weeks ago
jovPMunknownnouTorrent KB0.00 KBoo42 weeks ago
normPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.0042 weeks ago
vagobigstevePMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB0.00 KB0.0052 weeks ago
BeLikeMikePMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KB0.0060 weeks ago
walstib68PMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.0067 weeks ago
Daschmit1970PMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB0.00 KB0.0068 weeks ago
mcar3443PMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB670.86 MB0.6575 weeks ago
diethylPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.0080 weeks ago
Andy StraussPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.0094 weeks ago
calebonmttamPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.0094 weeks ago
digitalrbbPMUnitednoTransmission GB231.36 MB0.2395 weeks ago
sirius bluePMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.0095 weeks ago
earnestTPMUnitednouTorrent KB155.92 MBoo95 weeks ago
cicadaPMCanadanoTransmission GB0.00 KB0.0096 weeks ago
Half-StepPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.0098 weeks ago
keo72467PMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.0099 weeks ago
jchellPMUnitednouTorrent GB49.02 MB0.0599 weeks ago
hammytoadPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00101 weeks ago
kuvapPMUnitednouTorrent KB1.65 GBoo101 weeks ago
DaPreacherPMSwedennouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00101 weeks ago
fredloderPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB0.00 KB0.00102 weeks ago
scozacPMUnitednouTorrent GB140.72 MB0.07102 weeks ago
saturnusPMunknownnoAzureus GB0.00 KB0.00102 weeks ago
tonyrich67PMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00102 weeks ago
ecocatsPMunknownnouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00102 weeks ago
LokiPMUnitednoUnknown client0.00 KB0.00 KBoo102 weeks ago
billytellPMUnitednouTorrent GB2.71 GB2.71103 weeks ago
RussjcanPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00103 weeks ago
denkenmenschPMUnitednolibTorrent 0.D.2.00.00 KB0.00 KBoo103 weeks ago
Dionysos SmithPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00104 weeks ago
taylorcolePMUnitednoBitTornado GB0.00 KB0.00104 weeks ago
dino7650PMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00104 weeks ago
boodlesPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB549.15 MB0.53104 weeks ago
rhein1PMUnitednoAzureus GB0.00 KB0.00104 weeks ago
mikeshounPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB0.00 KB0.00104 weeks ago
osmosis21PMUnitednoAzureus GB217.15 MB0.21104 weeks ago
crazeyPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00104 weeks ago
fluffdaddyPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00104 weeks ago
Rasta013PMUnitednoAzureus GB715.20 MB0.69104 weeks ago
momoPMGermanynouTorrent MB0.00 KB0.00104 weeks ago
petem59PMUnitednoTransmission GB0.00 KB0.00104 weeks ago
synchePMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00104 weeks ago
mharveyPMUnitednoTransmission GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
rockarooPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
taperdavePMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
pestopetePMThailandnouTorrent MB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
samiam123456PMUnitednouTorrent KB161.46 MBoo105 weeks ago
bfoneilPMUnitednouTorrent GB43.41 MB0.04105 weeks ago
drskullyPMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
deringerPMUnitednouTorrent GB862.92 MB0.84105 weeks ago
winterland121072PMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
memphiskatPMUnitednoTransmission MB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
G-squaredPMUnitednouTorrent GB208.33 MB0.20105 weeks ago
ws1995PMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
cerebusPMunknownnouTorrent GB5.03 MB0.00105 weeks ago
locobrianPMUnitednoTransmission KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
bustedflatPMUnitednoAzureus GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
tskregPMUnitednouTorrent GB2.79 GB2.78105 weeks ago
GabilanPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
NCesauPMUnitednoTransmission KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
andrewPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
drumspacePMUnitednoAzureus GB1.57 MB0.00105 weeks ago
kakruPMGermanynouTorrent KB36.19 MBoo105 weeks ago
dusbornePMIrelandnouTorrent GB17.31 MB0.02105 weeks ago
gorsharPMThailandnoAzureus KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
bbillyPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB182.45 MB0.18105 weeks ago
ajgPMUnitednoUnknown client0.99 GB1.00 GB1.01105 weeks ago
cornbredPMUnitednouTorrent GB1.58 MB0.00105 weeks ago
billiemoon23PMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
MartinQPMUnitednouTorrent KB117.63 MBoo105 weeks ago
LESTATKATTPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
DolvmanPMUnitednoAzureus KB1.64 GBoo105 weeks ago
nowaywallyPMUnitednouTorrent GB1.69 GB1.69105 weeks ago
lalaladeadPMJapannoMainline GB1.30 MB0.00105 weeks ago
jpc3PMunknownnouTorrent KB66.86 MBoo105 weeks ago
bfrondPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB211.92 MB0.21105 weeks ago
buckaroobonzaiPMUnitednouTorrent MB2.45 GB19.18105 weeks ago
mrgashPMDenmarknoUnknown client1.00 GB285.17 MB0.28105 weeks ago
tjc303PMUnitednouTorrent GB10.58 MB0.01105 weeks ago
macflacPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB207.56 MB0.20105 weeks ago
wallyalvesPMUnitednoBitTornado GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
Explore62PMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB1.55 MB0.00105 weeks ago
mvernon54PMUnitednouTorrent GB303.88 MB0.30105 weeks ago
dagon333PMUnitednoUnknown client0.00 KB257.38 MBoo105 weeks ago
mozo23PMUnitednoAzureus KB61.09 MBoo105 weeks ago
jcannonPMUnitednouTorrent GB1.63 GB1.62105 weeks ago
lmaddexPMUnitednouTorrent GB10.80 MB0.01105 weeks ago
ebbetPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB27.91 MB0.03105 weeks ago
guygeePMUnitednoTransmission KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
bigswiftyPMUnitednoTransmission GB239.96 MB0.23105 weeks ago
johnnya67PMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB36.83 MB0.04105 weeks ago
tiegsPMUnitednouTorrent GB910.77 MB0.71105 weeks ago
TheDudePMunknownnouTorrent GB15.64 MB0.02105 weeks ago
rattletrapPMUnitednouTorrent GB10.00 MB0.00105 weeks ago
frazerPMNewnouTorrent GB260.75 MB0.08105 weeks ago
varitekPMUnitednouTorrent GB339.03 MB0.33105 weeks ago
jimmieb73PMUnitednouTorrent GB2.96 GB1.47105 weeks ago
tundrareefPMUnitednouTorrent GB820.72 MB0.24105 weeks ago
dcornelPMUnitednouTorrent GB32.55 MB0.03105 weeks ago
dalecPMUnitednouTorrent GB154.72 MB0.15105 weeks ago
sb_fotmPMUnitednoBitTornado KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
MasonsChildrenPMUnitednouTorrent GB166.75 MB0.16105 weeks ago
Dave S.PMUnitednouTorrent GB249.78 MB0.24105 weeks ago
ShootingDarkstarPMSeychellesnouTorrent GB966.68 MB0.94105 weeks ago
thrakPMFinlandnoAzureus GB9.26 GB9.18105 weeks ago
bohareftPMUnitednouTorrent GB171.56 MB0.17105 weeks ago
DustinHPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB437.44 MB0.43105 weeks ago
slow rhealPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB60.23 MB0.06105 weeks ago
Wharfrat73PMUnitednouTorrent GB829.14 MB0.81105 weeks ago
GratefulDiverPMUnitednouTorrent GB1.77 GB1.76105 weeks ago
Mikesway1PMUnitednouTorrent GB247.59 MB0.24105 weeks ago
RowJimmyPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB16.16 MB0.02105 weeks ago
slapshotPMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
LetItRollOnPMUnitednouTorrent KB234.86 MBoo105 weeks ago
jawkneePMCanadanoAzureus GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
BigedPMUnitednouTorrent GB551.91 MB0.54105 weeks ago
macdooglePMUnitednouTorrent GB1.65 GB1.65105 weeks ago
RudiKermerPMGermanynouTorrent GB160.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
ArthriticPMunknownnoAzureus GB71.16 MB0.07105 weeks ago
deadgratefulPMUnitednoTransmission GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
kmcmurtriePMUnitednoAzureus KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
frostillicusPMCanadanoTransmission GB921.62 MB0.90105 weeks ago
august eastPMJapannoTransmission MB3.20 MB0.01105 weeks ago
AntmanPMUnitednouTorrent GB208.25 MB0.20105 weeks ago
pmethystPMUnitednouTorrent GB799.38 MB0.78105 weeks ago
skald2PMGermanynoUnknown client1.00 GB9.23 MB0.01105 weeks ago
aavikkopeltoPMFinlandnoUnknown client1.00 GB368.34 MB0.36105 weeks ago
terrapin70PMUnitednoAzureus GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
SkywithflamePMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
djh1973PMUnitednouTorrent 3.4.2.B0.00 KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
wharfratpatPMUnitednouTorrent 3.4.2.B1.00 GB2.05 GB2.04105 weeks ago
AfterMidnightPMUnitednouTorrent KB573.75 MBoo105 weeks ago
gregtPMUnitednouTorrent KB280.41 MBoo105 weeks ago
BlueKnightPMUnitednouTorrent KB861.34 MBoo105 weeks ago
ArchivalAudioPMUnitednoTransmission KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
TaperpatPMUnitednouTorrent KB85.45 MBoo105 weeks ago
garypedmondsPMUnitednouTorrent GB547.77 MB0.53105 weeks ago
jsullivanPMUnitednoBitTornado GB491.41 MB0.48105 weeks ago
pbgPMUnitednoTransmission GB215.41 MB0.21105 weeks ago
WinD'OHpainPMKiribatinouTorrent GB3.32 GB3.31105 weeks ago
gratimortuiPMUnitednouTorrent KB63.78 MBoo105 weeks ago
davwalPMunknownnoMainline KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
berlinPMunknownnouTorrent GB2.45 MB0.00105 weeks ago
mobergPMUnitednoAzureus GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
diggittyPMUnitednouTorrent GB80.84 MB0.08105 weeks ago
chillwigPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB236.00 MB0.23105 weeks ago
gratefulmaxPMUnitednoAzureus GB76.58 MB0.07105 weeks ago
kthielPMUnitednouTorrent GB374.23 MB0.36105 weeks ago
nick71PMUnitednouTorrent GB181.63 MB0.18105 weeks ago
BarryWPMUnitednoTransmission GB257.38 MB0.25105 weeks ago
rutarfooPMUnitednoAzureus GB7.66 GB7.64105 weeks ago
jmitchellPMUnitednolibTorrent 0.D.4.01.00 GB9.49 GB9.47105 weeks ago
AsaPMunknownnouTorrent GB259.45 MB0.25105 weeks ago
deadattyPMUnitednouTorrent KB263.56 MBoo105 weeks ago
jcg1PMUnitednouTorrent GB50.98 MB0.05105 weeks ago
mrg1PMUnitednouTorrent GB3.31 GB3.30105 weeks ago
stevenichePMUnitednoMainline GB215.61 MB0.21105 weeks ago
ShredORPMUnitednoAzureus GB1.73 GB1.73105 weeks ago
clyde2725PMUnitednouTorrent KB231.25 MBoo105 weeks ago
jimmyheadgearPMUnitednouTorrent GB107.08 MB0.10105 weeks ago
ACJK714PMCanadanouTorrent GB723.41 MB0.70105 weeks ago
roadrunnerPMUnitednoBitTornado GB11.31 MB0.01105 weeks ago
US BluesPMIcelandnoTransmission GB177.68 MB0.17105 weeks ago
erichbourgPMUnitednouTorrent GB1.24 GB1.24105 weeks ago
casey99PMUnitednoTransmission GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
kenoterryPMUnitednoAzureus GB5.60 MB0.01105 weeks ago
plsPMUnitednouTorrent GB3.24 GB3.23105 weeks ago
johnnyapsPMUnitednouTorrent GB120.17 MB0.12105 weeks ago
deadbmanPMunknownnouTorrent GB276.48 MB0.27105 weeks ago
westland315PMUnitednoAzureus GB221.52 MB0.22105 weeks ago
sunshinedavedreamPMUnitednoBitTornado GB107.95 MB0.11105 weeks ago
yf12PMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB1.00 GB1.00105 weeks ago
MarkPMUnitednouTorrent GB32.52 MB0.03105 weeks ago
Kenn KempPMUnitednoTransmission KB769.40 KBoo105 weeks ago
mr.lemonskaPMUnitednouTorrent KB1.16 GBoo105 weeks ago
nfagdtrfbPMBrazilnoBitTornado GB15.44 MB0.02105 weeks ago
augstwstPMUnitednouTorrent GB17.30 MB0.02105 weeks ago
RobertMuzPMUnitednouTorrent GB6.56 GB6.54105 weeks ago
novemberelevenPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
abbzmanPMUnitednouTorrent GB1.51 GB1.51105 weeks ago
jchastainPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB3.15 GB3.14105 weeks ago
droo13PMUnitednoAzureus GB349.96 MB0.34105 weeks ago
altheany1PMUnitednoTransmission GB1.71 GB1.71105 weeks ago
bluckbeyesPMUnitednouTorrent GB341.77 MB0.33105 weeks ago
gofredgoPMUnitednouTorrent GB139.40 MB0.14105 weeks ago
gdryPMUnitednouTorrent GB2.00 GB2.00105 weeks ago
coopertownPMUnitednouTorrent GB4.13 GB4.11105 weeks ago
scotch19PMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB4.39 GB4.37105 weeks ago
DeadHead1969PMunknownnoBitTornado GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
pwjwheelPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB1.30 MB0.00105 weeks ago
SteveStevePMUnitednoAzureus GB1.68 GB1.67105 weeks ago
cpelzPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB712.62 MB0.69105 weeks ago
zerbertPMUnitednoAzureus GB1.36 GB1.35105 weeks ago
seussredfishPMUnitednoUnknown client154.50 MB8.72 MB0.06105 weeks ago
Brad125PMUnitednouTorrent GB129.22 MB0.13105 weeks ago
madriverrichPMUnitednoMainline GB3.57 GB3.56105 weeks ago
jerrylives2000PMUnitednouTorrent GB24.59 MB0.02105 weeks ago
artcubePMUnitednoAzureus GB188.06 MB0.18105 weeks ago
drewberry1PMUnitednoAzureus KB838.60 MBoo105 weeks ago
BHESTERPMUnitednouTorrent GB41.72 MB0.04105 weeks ago
batzyePMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB20.58 MB0.02105 weeks ago
ForumNEPMUnitednouTorrent KB445.88 MBoo105 weeks ago
cbassPMFinlandnoTransmission GB1.64 GB1.63105 weeks ago
killerwolf13PMUnitednoMainline GB2.08 GB2.08105 weeks ago
bluedogbeadsPMUnitednouTorrent GB944.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
hannoPMunknownnouTorrent GB2.75 GB2.74105 weeks ago
SugarMagnolia59PMUnitednouTorrent GB1.28 MB0.00105 weeks ago
seaweed1010PMUnitednouTorrent GB1.20 GB1.20105 weeks ago
tilli72PMUnitednoAzureus GB900.07 MB0.87105 weeks ago
btartusPMUnitednouTorrent GB4.94 MB0.00105 weeks ago
markmuPMUnitednouTorrent GB2.51 GB2.51105 weeks ago
scott clugstonPMUnitednouTorrent GB3.37 GB3.36105 weeks ago
hwigodaPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB5.10 GB5.09105 weeks ago
sandrews101PMUnitednoBitTornado KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
clovermanPMUnitednouTorrent GB4.94 MB0.00105 weeks ago
dblurPMUnitednouTorrent GB769.97 MB0.75105 weeks ago
yaterPMUnitednouTorrent GB1.61 GB1.61105 weeks ago
sangfreudPMUnitednouTorrent GB1.45 GB1.45105 weeks ago
jamesdavidPMUnitednoUnknown client1.00 GB377.91 MB0.37105 weeks ago
crookedman76PMUnitednouTorrent GB2.16 GB2.16105 weeks ago
quimboPMPolandnouTorrent GB4.98 GB4.96105 weeks ago
drmikiePMUnitednoAzureus KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
coolbreezePMUnitednoBitTornado GB947.40 MB0.92105 weeks ago
Andy1099PMUnitednouTorrent KB108.38 MBoo105 weeks ago
nisslPMUnitednoTransmission GB1.01 GB1.00105 weeks ago
crobinsPMUnitednoMainline KB64.66 MBoo105 weeks ago
scottsaysPMUnitednouTorrent KB0.00 KBoo105 weeks ago
cPMUnitednoTransmission GB133.64 MB0.13105 weeks ago
alohamrjPMUnitednoAzureus GB4.44 MB0.00105 weeks ago
mossaPMAustrianouTorrent GB1.53 GB1.53105 weeks ago
guthrie101PMUnitednouTorrent GB1.50 GB1.49105 weeks ago
seremetccPMUnitednouTorrent GB3.25 GB3.24105 weeks ago
vamarty659PMUnitednoAzureus GB635.14 MB0.62105 weeks ago
gyroPMunknownnoTransmission GB287.04 MB0.28105 weeks ago
gemsPMUnitednouTorrent GB611.41 MB0.60105 weeks ago
jerry70PMGermanynouTorrent GB34.06 MB0.03105 weeks ago
marcapPMFrancenouTorrent GB228.64 MB0.22105 weeks ago
gmurray618PMUnitedyesUnknown client1.00 GB4.69 GB4.68105 weeks ago
jedyedPMUnitednoBitTornado GB1.39 GB1.38105 weeks ago
stretchjnPMUnitednouTorrent GB1.05 GB1.04105 weeks ago
cvilaPMUnitednoMainline KB263.09 MBoo105 weeks ago
crazycatPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.00105 weeks ago
NjonesPMUnitednouTorrent GB1.35 GB1.34105 weeks ago
chanco68PMUnitednouTorrent GB291.95 MB0.28105 weeks ago
Steve KPMUnitednouTorrent KB130.93 MBoo105 weeks ago
lostmyradioPMUnitednoMainline GB282.48 MB0.25105 weeks ago
kiwikPMUnitednouTorrent KB362.05 MBoo105 weeks ago
shnfoobarPMUnitednouTorrent GB345.41 MB0.34105 weeks ago
sogt1PMunknownnouTorrent GB152.98 MB0.15105 weeks ago
ajones20PMUnitednoAzureus GB4.19 GB4.18105 weeks ago
jrdeadPMUnitednouTorrent GB1.44 GB1.44105 weeks ago
daveykPMUnitednouTorrent GB1.20 GB1.20105 weeks ago
RandyBSrPMUnitednoAzureus GB3.19 GB3.18105 weeks ago
dvannessPMUnitednoBitTornado GB5.76 MB0.01105 weeks ago
joemPMUnitednouTorrent KB524.02 MBoo105 weeks ago
andymonPMCanadanouTorrent GB4.00 GB3.99105 weeks ago
miles1960PMFrancenoUnknown client1.00 GB343.16 MB0.33105 weeks ago
deadratPMUnitednoAzureus GB18.39 GB18.33105 weeks ago
dh119bPMUnitednouTorrent GB8.54 GB8.52105 weeks ago
miogiPMUnitednouTorrent GB1.84 GB1.83105 weeks ago
chinacat67PMUnitednouTorrent KB3.11 GBoo105 weeks ago
rumrunnersPMunknownnouTorrent GB1.12 GB1.12105 weeks ago
PaulPMGermanynoMainline GB2.19 GB2.18105 weeks ago
sframePMArgentinanouTorrent MB568.88 MB0.692454 weeks ago
homeslicePMUnitednoKTorrent KB1.89 MBoo2454 weeks ago
metawhyPMUnitednoUnknown client741.00 MB1.50 MB0.002454 weeks ago
TWCPMUnitednoTransmission MB0.00 KB0.002454 weeks ago
cgembisPMUnitednouTorrent GB0.00 KB0.002454 weeks ago
greendudePMCanadanouTorrent GB528.00 KB0.002454 weeks ago



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1989 Dark Star at Hampton VA (106)  (37%)
1995 Unbroken Chain Philly PA (47)  (16%)
1992 Casey Jones RFK Wash DC (11)  (3%)
1983 St Stephen Hartford CT (19)  (6%)
1991 New Speedway Oakland CA (10)  (3%)
1988 Stir It Up Hampton VA (5)  (1%)
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